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Tim Minchin!

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It was a LOT of fun.

Dh and I haven't seen lots of shows before, but I think, by any measure, this was terrific. Dh was laughing so hard at "Lullaby" he had to take off his glasses and wipe tears.

Minchin closed with "White Wine in the Sun". Just wonderful!

Wonderful, wonderful :)

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I'm glad you had fun. It was one of my favorite shows and met all my expectations even after FOREVER of waiting for him to come to the states.

There was a woman outside the show handing out flyers for psychic readings. I had him sign it. :D Here we are.

That is too funny!

I had hoped to meet him afterward, but we wound up leaving, as no one knew whether he'd be out to sign stuff or not :(

I wanted to tell him what a big help he'd been in my embracing skepticism and science.

I bet he gets a lot of that :)

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OMG, I hate you a little bit. :tongue_smilie:
No kidding.


Still, it was a fantastic show, and I can hardly wait until he returns. Now if I can just convince Bill Bailey to visit the west coast, life would be perfect.

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