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Lake Chelan Washington - anyone familiar w/area?

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There is not a lot to do in Lake Chelan this time of year. You might go wine tasting if it is just you and dh, but I suppose with kids that is not feasible. I have had a good time there, it is beautiful and there are some nice places to eat and we took a boat across the lake. I hope you bring lots of good books and just plan to enjoy your time. In the winter there is inexpensive tubing and skiing, and in the summer there are water sports, but fall can be a little boring when you are done taking in the beauty.

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I live an hour from there. :)


Definitely plan to go spend a day in Leavenworth. Its so fun! We live here (about 20 min from Leavenworth) and we still love to visit it a few times a year. :)


As for Lake Chelan, things are winding down for tourist season. We've never really spent a lot of time in Lake Chelan. My husband works there, but not in town.

I do know that there is a dinner cruise that will take you around the lake that is supposed to be pretty good. Of course there is always the wine tasting.


Also, I've never been to Stehekin, but if you take the Lady of the Lake (the boat the goes up and down Lake Chelan) to the head of the lake, you'll get to Stehekin. Its a town that you can only get to via boat...no roads go to it. It has a nice lodge there and cabins you can rent. Good food I've heard too. I've always wanted to go walk around it. :)


The weather here is getting a lot more cold now, so you probably wont want to do any of the water activities.

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We sit in the middle of wine country but neither of us drink..I especially can't have any now.


I'll take my getting battered copy of WTM with me for the drive and load up the camera. I think the fella is in the mood for "no people please" kind of scenery and relaxing.


Is it very elevated there? We'll be pulling in around eleven tonight, are we going up a mountain with no lights and hairpin turns?


We did that at Schweitzer. Not recommended drive at night.

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Pretty nice place. Grandview was a totally great place to stay. Full kitchen inside, sleeps 6, really really nice. It's like a condo inside. Beds were excellent, down comforters, very comfy place, great hot tub outside and a pool that is heated and still open.


We didn't really do any hard adventuring, drove up and down the coasts of the Lake, went to the museum in town, a little shopping, some cafe stops. Apple something or rather was pretty neat.


The town is full of murals; it's the sort of place that goes six generations deep, very homey, reminded me of Northern Michigan up across the straights-not a lot of pretense going on. Land prices there are jaw dropping. Reminds me of Hawaii!


One excellent stop we made that was a surprise was 25 mile creek. The most amazing views into a salmon river which was just packed with spawning fish..so bright red you'd thought they were Koi. Nice campground & marina there. Do not try picking up pinecones, lol..they are thorn packed. Learned that the hard way.


I think we really missed out by not taking the boat though, we stopped at a cove where folks had parked to board the boat, and it was packed full of empty cars.


We went up and down the shoreline, I'm a bit of a sea glass collector..and I found some Blue Willow Pattern broken plates (obviously the real thing and very very very old, most likely turn of the century)-so that was my big treasure. I'll use them for a jewelry craft and make the pieces into pendants.


The water there is delicious! I can't explain it. But this lake is so clear-you'd swear in spots that you were in the Pacific it's so clear to the bottom (even when it gets very deep).


The only thing I really didn't like was the traffic on the winding roads around the lake...lots of wineries tucked up in the hills and sudden traffic around corners...it's a little nerve-wracking when folks are leaving a winery driveway..I always worry they are drunk.


The drive up was nice and mellow, drive home was mellow and easy too. I'd imagine this place in the summertime is really different than what we saw though...there's a lot of big money up there & summer homes.


Campbells resort across the bay is very Great Gatsby like, so..if you wanted to do the spa and snob thing, that's definitely the place to go. :)

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