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  1. Please Don't Quote... In my family, yes, there is one who I hate. Growing up, she treated my daughter horribly. My daughter passed away and now her cousin will never be able to make amends. My daughter was high functioning and this same-age, same-town cousin did everything to prevent her from being included socially... even at family-only functions. Please Don't Quote... I understand that kids can go through very selfish stages (though her "stage" never ended) and are often just trying to fit in themselves. I do think this cousin maybe would have, as an adult, treated my daughter with kin
  2. We're another family that bought a house with wallpaper on top of wallpaper throughout the house. All the rooms are then further encumbered by borders on top of the wallpaper. Taking it down is far worse than we ever expected. It's not just getting it off, it's then repairing all the damage to the walls and prepping it for paint. What a nightmare. I was half-listening to a podcast the other day by Dean Sharp, a home improvement guy. He said that wallpaper is indeed making a comeback, but the new stuff is much easier to put up and take down. Good grief - I hope so!
  3. We did not use 529's because we like to invest in other areas like real estate. Then it turned out that our son received merit scholarships/stipends/fellowships that covered most of his education expenses, BS through PhD. If I was to set one up though, I would take into account Clark Howard's advice as to which state to use (which is NOT necessarily the state you live in): https://clark.com/education/clarks-529-plan-guide/
  4. Also, there is no longer a 1040EZ or 1040A. Everything goes on the newly designed 1040.
  5. NO. He does not have to file. I worked as a tax preparer this season... Filing Requirements for Dependent Children: If unearned income is over $1,050. If earned income is over $12,000. If gross income is more than the larger of: a. $1,050 or b. earned income (up to $11,650) plus $350.... so max $12,000
  6. Have you looked at Grove City College in Grove City, PA? It definitely checks the boxes on your daughter's list.
  7. Hmm. I can't deny that this may be true some of the time. But I don't personally see it. Maybe because I am from a 50/50 community (white/Hispanic). Sometimes I see advantages for whites, but just as often I see advantages for Hispanics. The vast majority of the time it does not matter. Whether in the workplace or community leaders, you see a pretty even split of racial backgrounds. In the case of Young Man, his skin tone is darker than most whites, but I doubt anyone would look at him and think that he's Mexican.
  8. I included both scenarios because while I understand that East Asians don't qualify for affirmative action, it seems very arbitrary to me that both men were adopted into very similar SES white families and raised as such. And, the part-Mexican young man was actually raised in a community full of people with similar racial heritage, while the part-Korean was not. Just very arbitrary to me.
  9. Yes, Young Man (1) is the one who will claim racial diversity when it is advantageous to him. I very much agree that the most disadvantaged are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. This does not fit Young Man at all.
  10. Yes, I can see benefits of company's bringing in different backgrounds and perspectives. But, I see more of what Janeway is describing, at least in my scenario. The young man wants to work at a place that receives significant funding from the government so they are required to hire a certain number of diverse candidates and leave the qualifications as wide open as possible.
  11. Thanks for the perspectives.
  12. We got a similar message during the polar vortex. I did nothing. The package was delivered the next day when the weather was much better.
  13. Yes! We just started watching Corner Gas (Amazon Prime) a couple weeks ago. Love it. Clean, dorky, fun. Neither dh nor I care for the actress who plays the mom, but everything else is great. Other great Canadian finds - Schitt's Creek and Kim's Convenience (clean). Both on Netflix. Schitt's Creek is also on Hulu, including current season. Oh, and Orphan Black. Not a comedy like the others, but WOW. Canadians, what other great shows are you all hiding from us?
  14. He should definitely try to take anything taught by Dr. English!
  15. I know, right! UA reduced theirs, so it is certainly possible UAH will too. Here's hoping they don't!
  16. It wasn't initially ds's number one either. He and his dad flew in to visit UA and decided that they might as well see UAH too. They both hated UA but loved UAH. UA rolled out the red carpet, but UAH had a lot more substance. At that point they didn't even bother to visit the other schools on his list, especially since none of them were local to us. I better add - I know lots of people have found UA to be a great fit for them and with plenty of substance and opportunities! No disrespect intended. This was their impressions from their tour and personal meetings.
  17. My son is graduating from UAH in electrical engineering this May. I just started a thread with our experiences.
  18. In the class acceptance thread, there was a request for a UAH thread. Since my son is graduating from there this May with an Electrical Engineering degree, I figured I would go ahead and answer some of the questions. I was unaware of this school until this year when I saw so much talk here and at CollegeConfidential. Now that my son has been admitted with free tuition, he is curious about it. If you ever have time to share, please consider starting a thread to tell us about the place. Are many of the students living at home? Is it a suitcase school? How do you find the culture there,
  19. Thanks for the links gardenmom5. I had poked around the site but missed those. I think maybe I'll try to set up ancestry sharing with one of my close family members first to make sure I'm not sharing anything I don't want to with the distant stranger.
  20. I recently received my 23andMe results. I chose to do open sharing with my dna relatives. A couple days later, a distant match contacted me asking for more information on the side of my family tree where he thinks the match is. Unfortunately, I did not have any useful information for him. Then he made a request with me to share "Ancestry Reports." What does that mean? If he's already a DNA relative and can see where we match from those reports, what further access does he get if I accept his request to share Ancestry Reports?
  21. I have family members who have done 23andme and some who have done Ancestry. In all but one case, the results were very compatible with what we expected. The one with unexpected results was an in-law of mine who had been adopted. He had assumed what his ancestry was based on his skin tone, but the results pointed elsewhere.
  22. Please DO NOT QUOTE. I may need to delete. Our dear, sweet, precious daughter passed away from epilepsy. She was 18 years old. Delete/Edit .....Thank you everyone for taking the time to read about my lovely daughter. I greatly appreciate all your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I'll be forever grateful for the time we had with her and for the compassion she taught us and those she encountered throughout her life to have for those who are silently struggling. Be kind. Be gracious. Accept and Include. Encourage your children to do the same.
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