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Big fight between my 12 and 13 yr old, you won't believe over what

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So my 12 and 13 yr old were having a big fight. It involved yelling and a lot of "not fair!"


I broke them up and found out what it was about. It seems they were fighting over the book "Fallacy Detective." They each thought they should have it first! LOL Other familes have children fighting over computer games and such....not mine..they are fighting over a book about Logic and the elements of Argument, LOL.

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Guest Shanna
Let the punishment fit the crime... They should each have to write a paper on it now! :tongue_smilie: ;)

:iagree: :lol:

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That's great! I LOVE that! :D


Last Thursday my kids were arguing over who got to make supper that night! "Ummmm, well," I said, "how about if one makes it tonight and one makes it tomorrow night?" ( ;) ) "OK!" Later they're huddling together discussing something. Pretty soon I hear, "Mom, can we make supper on Monday night too?" Well, OK with me! :D


Kids are interesting! :D

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