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    Sonlight Apologia Biology Schedule~ $10 ppd Sonlight Core 120 (American History in Depth~History and Bible). This is a set that was upgraded in 2014, so many of the books are in brand new condition. It is a complete set except for the Bible Study Sampler (consumable item). $268 ppd Sonlight Core 330 (20th Century Literature). This set was purchased new fall of 2016. It is a complete set except for the student guide (we did not use it). $164 ppd



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    WP Quest for the Middle Ages~This is an older set. It contains the books needed for this study. One book does have a few pages loose. $185 OBO (Postage not included in price)


  3. I called the local ps guidance counselor, and he told me to contact him in August for the sign up. I don't know if that is normal, or just how this school district does it.
  4. Well, it certainly hasn't worked that way for me!
  5. Can you get a LI policy set up before any official diagnosis?
  6. 4arrows


    My parents just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary last week. Dh's parents were divorced, however.
  7. I can't even imagine. You have my most profound sympathy.
  8. Do they call it a boyfriend if they are courting? I don't follow the Duggars much at all, but I wish her well.
  9. My personal opinion is that those who use it that way care less about the real meaning of the word than they care about trying to make someone who doesn't agree with them look bad.
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