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    Sonlight Apologia Biology Schedule~ $10 ppd Sonlight Core 120 (American History in Depth~History and Bible). This is a set that was upgraded in 2014, so many of the books are in brand new condition. It is a complete set except for the Bible Study Sampler (consumable item). $268 ppd Sonlight Core 330 (20th Century Literature). This set was purchased new fall of 2016. It is a complete set except for the student guide (we did not use it). $164 ppd



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    WP Quest for the Middle Ages~This is an older set. It contains the books needed for this study. One book does have a few pages loose. $185 OBO (Postage not included in price)


  3. I called the local ps guidance counselor, and he told me to contact him in August for the sign up. I don't know if that is normal, or just how this school district does it.
  4. Well, it certainly hasn't worked that way for me!
  5. Can you get a LI policy set up before any official diagnosis?
  6. 4arrows


    My parents just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary last week. Dh's parents were divorced, however.
  7. I can't even imagine. You have my most profound sympathy.
  8. Do they call it a boyfriend if they are courting? I don't follow the Duggars much at all, but I wish her well.
  9. My personal opinion is that those who use it that way care less about the real meaning of the word than they care about trying to make someone who doesn't agree with them look bad.
  10. That actually sounds like some good benefits to the job. I'm sure it doesn't pay very high, but if that isn't a consideration, definitely check on it!
  11. That depends on if you count family visits as vacations. We try to visit family once or twice a year. Actual, real vacations where we go away somewhere to relax occur once every 5-9 years.
  12. Oh, no! I am so sorry that happened to you. One of the reasons I don't watch much that has been on tv since the 1990s.
  13. Our almost 21 yo dd bought a car last year. The title is in her name, but she is on our insurance since she still lives with us. We will be selling our old van to the 19 yo this summer. I think that as along as the car being titled to your ds does not mean he has to get his own insurance policy ($$$), then I would go that route. I'd definitely talk to my insurance agent, as that requirement may vary by company.
  14. It's so hard to see all these wonderful actors and actresses from my favorite childhood shows dying off. :sad:
  15. Now that would be frustrating. Especially the corndoggies.
  16. I have been using tea tree oil on my toe nails. I soak a Q-tip in it, and hold it on the nail for 30 seconds. New Q-tip for each nail. I do this twice a day. I was getting good results, and had almost completely cleared it up on several nails, when I ran out and had to use the cheap stuff from Walmart that dh had. My nails immediately started getting worse. I bought a different brand on Amazon, and I'm not sure that it is working as well as the first brand. I think it really does matter what quality you get.
  17. Thank you for this. I know it was meant for the OP, but it did me a world of good to read it. Pinkmint, i'm so sorry this fell through. I don't blame you for being discouraged. I hope you will continue looking, and that something will turn up that will meet your needs.
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