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Charles Dickens ~ which book to read aloud?


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I'm assuming you meant unabridged Dickens. Other than a Christmas Carol (and that one has some fairly stout vocabulary in it!), I'd say the only other Dickens I think would be accessible to a 7yo and 9yo would be Oliver Twist. *Possibly* Cricket on the Hearth, though that is also Christmas-themed.


Or are you going to be reading an abridged version? If so, then maybe David Copperfield. Most of his other works are either serious about some pretty hefty themes (French Revolution, social injustice, disappointed expectations/hopes) or satires on government and justice.


Just a thought, but what about some of the wonderful classics that are written for that wonderful read-aloud age, and saving the more adult classics to enjoy together at a middle school or high school level?


Or what about a book *about* Charles Dickens, like "Charles Dickens: the Man Who Had Great Expectations" by Diane Stanley?


Or what about a book written in similar time frame by a British author like Dickens -- but written for children, such as:

- "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell

- "Five Children and It" by E. Nesbit

- "The Princess and the Goblins" by George MacDonald



By no means trying to tell you what to do -- just wanted to give you some more options to consider! For a great list of classics, broken into age ranges, check out:


1000 Good Books: http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/1000.html


Ambleside Free Online Curriculum by grade level: http://www.amblesideonline.org/



BEST of luck, whatever you go with -- and enjoy your reading journey with your young ones! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Your suggestions aren't at all discouraging! The truth is that I've never read Dickens personally so I'm not familiar with most of his works other than what I've heard or read about him. I recently read the chapter on Dickens in Andreola's Charlotte Mason Companion and was intrigued. Maybe I should hold off for a while. :D


Thanks for your help!!!:)

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I just did Oliver Twist with my dd who is 11yo. She is very literate and her strengths are with reading / writing / language arts. I had to go slowly and, at times, rephrase or discuss meanings with her.


If you do this, start with Oliver Twist. It's Dickens' first novel, and somewhat shorter and simpler than some others.


One warning--you might want to gloss over parts of the chapter wherein Bill Sykes kills Nancy. There is another chapter where he fancies he is being haunted by her as well.

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