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Ancient Rome book recommendations?...


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I feel like we found a lot of picture books and younger elementary books for Egypt and Greece (which is why we are just getting into Greece after 30-some weeks...) but I haven't found much for Ancient Rome. I want to start gathering. My boys love history, can you recommend anything (ages 7 and 5)?


Thanks so much!

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· Rome Antics – David Macaulay

· The Aenid for Boys and Girls – Alfred Church (RA)

· Detectives in Togas– Henry Winterfield (RA)

· The Bronze Bow – Elizabeth Speare (RA)

· Ancient Rome—David Jay

· Inside Ancient Rome—L.L. Owens

· Growing Up in Ancient Rome – Mike Corbishley

· Vulca the Etruscan- Roberta Angeletti

· City– David Macaulay

· Mystery of the Roman Ransom (RA)

· Hannibal and His 37 Elephants – Marilyn Hirsch

· A Triumph for Flavius – Caroline Snedeker

· Roman Numerals I to MM – Geisert

· Cleopatra: The Queen of Kings – Fiona Macdonald

· Cleopatra—Diane Stanley

· The Other Wise Man – Pamela Kennedy

· Hannibal and the King – Emily Quintero-Spongberg

· Roman Myths Heroes and Legends – Dwayne Pickels

· Galen: My Life in Imperial Rome—Marissa Moss

· Galen and the Gateway to Medicine – Jeanne Bendick

· I Wonder Why Romans Wear Togas



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Detectives in Togas– Henry Winterfield
We enjoyed this as well as its sequel, The Mystery of the Roman Ransom. It's Winterfeld BTW... his name and Noel Streatfeild's always give me the most trouble.
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I have a 7 and 5 yo children, and I agree that it can sometimes be hard to find age appropriate selections. We are starting the section on Rome, and a few books we're using are:


Living in Roman Times (Usborne first history. This is OOP I think)

Pompeii...Buried Alive (Michael Eagle)

Cleopatra (Diane Stanley)

also waiting for Hannibal and His 37 Elephants


As well as several selections from "The Moral Compass" and "The Book of Virtues", which I had on my shelf at home.


I've been keeping it more simple-it must be the end of the year. We started out with tons and TONS of books for each history topic. I've backed off in recent weeks, realizing that I may have been giving my 5 and 7 yo a little too much. Now I'm doing less and hoping they retain more! (Just my experience, by the way...)


Good luck!

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And Rhesa, I wish I could keep it a little simpler. I know it started because of me, but now my boys are obsessed with history and would do history books/projects all day if they could. It's a little unnerving that DS7 casually talks about "what Hatshepsut did" and can pronounce the name a whole lot more easily than I can.


Thanks again, now off to Internet shopping! (Confession: homeschooling is just my excuse for buying books...)

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Rome: Engineering an Empire. A very long, absolutely wonderful documentary. We purchased the whole set of Engineering an Empire DVDs from Amazon and have enjoyed them immensely. Carthage: Engineering an Empire is part of the set, and it tells you everything your boys need to know about Carthage and the Punic Wars.


Other civilizations in the set include Egypt, Greece, Hellenistic Greece, Persia, Britian, Byzantium, Mayans, Aztecs, and one or two more.

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