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Throwing together a last minute bday party for my dd. Need ideas.

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My dd is turning 10. I haven't had a party for her since she was 6! Oh the shame. Anyway, I am putting together a party for her on her birthday. I want to have this big elaborate thing but I decided to be realistic. I'm going through chemo and I don't need any stress. Yet I want to give my dd, who is just wonderful, a fun little party.


So, in three days is her party. She goes to art class at the YMCA. The party will be a surprise right after class. We will have two hours or so. Part of the time will be swimming in the pool. What games or activities can you suggest for us to do in the gym or tumble gym area. I want to have a few ideas and I don't want them running around crazy. What about in the pool? Do we do something structured or just let them swim?


Thanks for any suggestions. I know this seems like a no-brainer but I have chemo brain! :D

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What a great idea to have it at the Y after her class! It will be a wonderful surprise! Good job, Mom!


No ideas for the play area, but after some free swim time in the pool they could play Marco Polo. The person who is "it" closes her eyes and says, "Marco." The others say, "Polo" and try to get away. "It" tries to catch them without opening her eyes. She keeps saying, "Marco" and they keep answering "Polo" so she can find them. No one can get out of the pool during the game - they have to walk or swim away.


Have a great time!

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First of all, just in case you need it, You Have Permission To SKIP The Gift Bags. Please SKIP The Gift Bags!!!!


That should make it easier right there.


I explained you situation to my 11 year old and asked what she would like to do. Her idea: Skip the gym time and just swim the whole time. That's what she'd like to do. And in the pool she likes to dive for treasure. You could toss coins and plastic jewels into the water for them to dive for. My girl likes to do that.


Kids are always starved after swimming so you could have a picnic on the grounds/deck. Our Y has a deck off the deck where food and drinks are allowed. If yours does and it's nice, that's an option.


I really, really, want you to take me seriously here. When you allow people to help you when you need it, you are truly giving them a gift: the opportunity to practice charity. If you ask a friend or other mom to help you, you will be giving her this gift. Ask someone to bring a pile of pb&js (cut into shapes if you want to get fancy), a bunch of grapes, and a thing of water. The kids can eat and sate their hunger after swimming.


Also, you can ask a teen to lead fun games in the gym like relay races, horse, wheelbarrow races, blind man's bluff, et c. My daughter likes this idea but still things more swim, less gym is best. My daughter isn't much older but she would LOVE to be asked to do this for younger kids. I bet there is a teen of your acquaintance who could wrangle the kids for you and keep them entertained.

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Skip the gift bags? Really? That would save money for sure. My dd would probably like to have gift bags though. What makes a good gift bag and what makes a waste of money gift bag?


The tumble gym has all of these different shaped mats. I thought it might be fun to have an obstacle course and two teams being timed to go through the mats. I like blind man's bluff.


I am scared of Marco-Polo. My friend permanently scared her face from crashing into the side of the pool with her eyes closed trying to 'get' someone playing that game.


Diving for coins and things might be fun.


I hope it all works out and that everyone has a blast!


Thanks for all the great ideas. Especially to let people help.



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You could do pool noodles as a gift in place of gift bags and they could use them to float on and play with while in the water. I have seen them at dollar tree recently. You could get the floating pool sticks and divide them up into teams and to see which team would collect the most. You could bring some of your daughter cds and play music while they are in the tumble area. They could practice flips, and dance. Just a few ideas. I hope this helps.

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