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Teachers Lounge! 2-21-2011

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Happy Monday and Happy President's Day!


Anyone taking the day off from school today? We are and it's probably a good thing, too! We had to put our oldest cat to sleep yesterday. Grief snuck up on me this afternoon. :sad:


What's for lunch? I had a tuna sandwich along with some tortilla chips.


Anyone else mourning due to the loss of a pet?


What's the weather like where you are? Here it's just above 60*F. If I could convince my family to do so, I think it would be nice to go for a drive!


Talk to me. :bigear:

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We were supposed to have the day off today, but since we follow DD's schedule, we're in since they had so many unscheduled snow days. Thankfully we don't have to make up any more; the public schools around here are having to add 30 minutes to every school day to make up the difference. How crazy is that??


Anyway, I had palak paneer (the frozen organic kind) for lunch; DS finished up some leftover Chinese BBQ pork and had yogurt with it.


It's been a LONG day. It's cold (41 with a wind chill of 36) and mostly cloudy and DS cannot seem to get himself to focus. He's been working on the same line graph for 45 minutes. This is AFTER he had a hard time starting and I gave him a break. I just want to :banghead:


Plus I'm irritated with everything today. It's not PMS; it's more MIL-related. But I won't go there.


I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. I would cry and cry if I had to do that :(

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Lunch - salad for me. Dd is making Annie's mac & cheese. Ds is making a grilled cheese sandwich with cherry tomatoes.


School - as usual. Plus I'm trying to get caught up with the house after being laid low this weekend with pain and a cold (which I'm still nursing).


Mourning - the loss of our neighbor's cat "Boy" who lived 14 1/2 years. We catsat him for 3 months this past winter so he was part of our family too.


Weather - grey but dry at the moment. Mid 40's.

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Its 42 and windy today, but the sun is shining so I took the kids on a walk. Somebody woke up moody and grouchy today so she needed some air. Thankfully her bad mood didn't extend to schoolwork just peaople; she flew through her schoolwork and even nailed reciprocals easily.


I had peanut butter and apples which is my typical lunch unless I have good leftovers.


My dd lost her American Eskimo puppy almost a year and a half ago, we're still sad over that. We both get teary if we talk about Inu. Sorry for your loss.


We're in school today - we took off last Wednesday for no apparent reason so we're working today.

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