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My name is Sam, I am in year two of homeschooling. We have 6 kids- 13,11 in a few days, 7, 6, 4 and 3 in a few days.


I have tried many different approaches with hs, and I really like the why's of classical education. I just got WTM last week, and have one big question about it.


How do I best use this method with so many children in different levels? I read in WTM Susan's recommendations for a couple kids a few years apart, but I will have a 9th, 6th, 3rd, 2nd and K this fall!


I haven't finished choosing everything for fall, and this board has already been a big help in finding some new things.


This year we have used Sandi Queen for Grammar, Apologia Astronomy, MoH Vol 1., McGuffey Readers, Horizons and TT.


I already have decided Queen's grammar will be replaced with FLL for 2nd, and R&S for the older kids. Horizons and TT have been replaced with MM, a pre-algebra textbook has been ordered for the 9th grader.

We will use MoH 2, Apologia Zoology, and for oldest- General Science.

We just ordered Wordsmith Apprentice and Wordsmith.

I also just ordered Roar, and a guide from Progeny. Also considering WWE for the youngest ones.


Can this work with such an age gap, or do I need to have the kids in smaller groups? Any advice or BTDT would be greatly appreciated!

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The 9th and the 6th grader should be able to do many things independently. The 3rd and 2nd grader should be able to do many things together, along with the Kindergartener on some things.


The first thing I thought of is that the 3rd and 2nd grader should be on the same year in the 4 year history cycle. That way you can do history read-alouds (with the K child listening in, and possibly the olders too if they want).

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When I had 2nd, 3rd, and K all at once, I did science, history, and art together. I just required more narration wise, or writing, etc. out of the older ones. My k'er loved history real alouds, the science investigations, etc.


I also had a 9th grader during that time. She was expected to work independently, but I always carved out time just for her since she was working for high school credit. I'd get done quickly with the boys as it didn't seem to take too long with that age range and then they were off to play and I would sit down for discussions, grading, input on writing assignments, etc. I also required a quiet time every afternoon from the young ones. They didn't have to sleep per se, but they did have to go to their rooms and listen to books on tape, draw, play with quiet toys etc. It was for two hours. Failure to comply brought early bedtimes, privilege restrictions, loss of favorite toys, etc. I was strict about it. This was more guaranteed time with my older one, the quiet time was not hurting the youngers in any way, and it was a chance to get dinner on, vacuum, or do a load of laundry. It was a good time to schedule a subject that she needed intensive help with. For many high schoolers, that might be math or science. DD only needed me for help in either of those subjects maybe 5 times in her entire high school career. Her nemesis was grammar, getting going on writing assignments - particularly essays - and Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle...she really needed me and I was glad that the boys were in their room and not running around like hooligans!



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I am trying to put a schedule together based on the different stages. I am not completely sure if I have it all right, here is what I have figured out so far:


Christian, 8th was supposed to be in Modern this year, we were in MOH Volume 1. He was supposed to be in Physics, we did Astronomy, and will be doing Earth. To keep him from redoing MOH 1 I just ordered SWB Ancient World text. I ordered Apologia Biology for him to start in the fall. I also plan to have the kids read what they should have been reading for their respective level from now until fall, as we will be doing some schooling year-round.


Hannah, 5th Did the same things as Christian, was where she needed to be in History, and next year I will do the Biology she was supposed to do this year for the Astronomy we did this year.


Noah, 2nd was supposed to be in medieval, we are going to do it next year. I am not going to sweat it since he will get all of this 2 more times, and is so young. I am more concerned about the oldest getting in everything he needs for high school.


Emma, 1st is like Hannah and is in the first year of her cycle, we will just swap the Science since we just did what was supposed to be year 2.


I have some books on request already, to get them started in their readings, and will continue over the summer to get in as much as possible :)


good plan? Bad plan?



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Hi Sam - I also have 6, although only 4 are school age now - 9th, 6th, 2nd, and K.


As my kids have gotten older I've experimented and switched courses a few times - particularly since my oldest 3 are so many years apart. I now have everyone studying the same historical period - my oldest had to do ancients 2 years in a row, but he survived :). We all do God and the History of Art together (art history and basic technique).


My 9th grader does everything else independently from the others.


My younger kids all do science together in a 5-year cycle (1st-5th grades - K can participate if they want). Animals / biology (Christian Kids Explore Biology), Earth/Astronomy (Childcraft Earth book and Apologia Astronomy), Chemistry (Living Learning Books), Physics (honestly, I'm still working on finding something that works here), and Botany (Apologia). The science topics won't match up with WTM suggestions (ancient - animals/human, medieval - earth/astronomy, etc) but they will eventually hit them all. For 6th and 7th grade, they do Rainbow Science, which is a fairly independent science course. 8th grade does Astronomy (Signs and Seasons). 9th and up will do typical high school courses.


I use Tapestry of Grace for history, literature, and writing. It is essentially classical in design, although they divide their 4-year cycle a little differently than WTM. It's been a great help to me - having much of the "legwork" done for me and having everyone on the same history topic.


I'm sorry if this has been disjointed :tongue_smilie:. I've been coming back to my post here and there and realize that it may no longer make any sense :). Hope it helps a little.

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I have 6 ages 14, 12, 7, 5, 3, and 1. We use SCM for our History/Geography/Bible. We do that all together. We also use a lot of their suggestions. For my youngers I love FLL and WWE. We use SCM science and Apologia. Everyone except for my oldest does this together. My oldest uses Biology 101 (9th). The oldest 2 can do everything else on their own. It helps so much to do some of it together. I love the mornings when we are all in the living room together! After that, the oldest 2 are usually in their rooms doing their work. Hope some of this helps!




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