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Fun things for Ancient Greece?


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We're coming up to ch. 19 in Story of the World I and it looks like the next six weeks focus on ancient Greece. I'm looking forward to and and hoping to really dig into ancient Greece with the kids.


Does anyone have recommendations for books to read? Activity kits to buy? Games to play? Online videos to watch?


I'd love to have a big ancient Greece resource thread going.

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We are are at the exact same place! We are playing the Lego Minotaur game tomorrow. Because I'm a total planning geek, our other projects for the Ancient Greece chapters are:


Making a helmet & shield (I have boys, what can I say!)

Ancient Greece Treasure Chest (used from Amazon)

Making Olympic wreaths

Making Greek arrowheads (kit from Amazon)

Making Athena's Golden Apple

Gingerbread Parthenon (if I can find some kind of allergy-free recipe for this)


We may also watch the Ancient Aegean DVD from our library.

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We did one of our favorite things with that chapter, which was to go on a Greek architecture scavenger hunt. We live in DC, so for us it was just a metro ride and then a nice walk, but I think with a car anyone living near a largish town or city with a few Greek revival buildings could do it. I made the kids a list of some of the essential characteristics of Greek architecture: the different types of columns, triangle roofs, buildings made of marble, buildings with symmetry, friezes, key patterns... Then I gave them cameras and had them take a quick picture of the things they found, which we later compiled onto a little collage. It was really fun.


We also made little "Greek temples" - using paper towel rolls, cardboard and some paper. The kids drew lines along the tubes to turn them into "columns" - and then they attached little Ionic tops to them cut out of paper. We stood it on a piece of cardboard and then attached another to the top. Then we cut out a triangle for the top and the kids each drew a "frieze" on each triangle and glued those to the top so they looked like a roof. They played with those for days with their Playmobil men. (Which were technically the Roman Playmobil men... but whatever. The invasion force a few chapters down the line, right?)

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Many of them are listed in the AG, if you have it, or in TWTM. We're at the same point in SOTW this year, and our dc are enjoying Greek myths, as well as classic tales based upon the Iliad and the Odyssey. Jim Weiss also has some CDs in which he has recorded Greek myths - you may be be able to find them at your local library.

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