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Does anyone have a website? (not a blog)

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Our church has a website that was maintained by our former pastor. It has not been maintained for a year now, so I thought I'd go on (with the elders' permission) and make a few changes. Oh my word. It is sooooo complicated. It is not intuitive at all. So, we're thinking of shutting it down and trying for something a little less complicated. (it's not really an option to ask for a tutorial from our former pastor) Does anyone here have a website (business or otherwise)? Who hosts it? We need something very easy to navigate and is intuitive.

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We have a website for the kids' band. Always had people asking how to get in touch with them or for information so having a website and making a card became the easiest way. I purchased a domain name for $20 (if I remember correctly) and set up the site through homestead technologies. It is very easy to use and change. I get 5 pages for about $7 a month and it holds everything I need. The only thing that is annoying is that I always have to remember to re-size photos so I don't use up too much memory. The website is www.towheads.org if you'd like to see how much you get for that amount of money.

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