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will my teen dd not be able to see the King's Speech

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There's really no *real* reason for the R rating, if you ask me. The cursing isn't even really cursing (well a bit of it at first). While it does use curse words (including the F word on a repeat basis), it's used as a speech exercise.


I loved that scene, it was so well done.


And you can also see the two protagonists curse through the real speech at the end, although not aloud. (thankfully!!!)

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It depends on the theatre around here. Some will allow you to buy their tickets and then leave. Others you have to at least walk them in to where the person takes the tickets and confirm that you bought the tickets. There is one that makes the parent actually accompany them to the movie. I would call ahead and find out.


I have bought tickets for my dd to see an R rated movie and gone to see a different movie myself.

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