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Yummy/Healthy/Festive Superbowl Food?

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Does such exist? Doesn't have to be carrots and celery with no dip healthy, just not the normal triple-chocolate-peanut-butter-brownies that we are accustomed to.....is there an in-between? We are having a few friends over that are serious about wanting to make healthy life changes, and we really want to support them on this. :)



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How about making a big bowl of popcorn. If you pop it in olive oil or coconut oil, it will be healthy and taste good without extras on top.

Celery, peanut butter, raisons...."ants on a log"

You could cut up a bunch of fruit for a platter.

Bowl of almonds or other nuts.

Sandwiches made with whole wheat bread and turkey or lean roast beef.

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