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Desire travel tips for NYC

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Am working on planning a trip to NYC (then Philly, D.C. and Williamsburg), but for now, I want to know the best way to get into Manhattan (probably coming from Jersey side), things one can't miss, and any thoughts on how best to "do" NYC-especially on a tight budget.


Definately want to see:

Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty

Wall Street

Visitors site of the WTC

Central Park

Carlo's Bakery (NJ, I know :)

United Nations


Would like to see:

Rockefeller Center

Times Square

Empire State Building

China Town

Brooklyn Bridge


Any thoughts, links, advice would be most welcome!! P.S. Because of time and money, possibly three days in NYC is what I'm thinking. Thank you!

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I've been there only once, but here are my thoughts:


--You can take a free ferry to Staten Island that passes the Statue of Liberty. At the time that we went the Statue itself was closed, so it was recommended to us that we would get a good view from the ferry.


--Use public transportation. City driving there is a nightmare.


--Enjoy some halel food from a street vendor.


--Everyone must try New York pizza at least once, even though Chicago pizza is waaaaaaaay better.

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A lot depends on when you're going and how much walking you intend to do.


We spent a day walking all over lower Manhattan and saw everything from the Federal Reserve Bank to Wall Street to Ground Zero to Trinity Church, then walked down to Battery Park and rode the ferry past the SoL. Then we caught a cab to Chinatown for dinner and strolled to Little Italy for dessert. It was spring, though, so it was a lovely day. It's not so lovely right now. :D You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and have ice cream at the little shop under it or pizza at Grimaldi's. (NY pizza is waaay better than Chicago pizza, btw. ;))


In upper Man, you could spend a whole day in Central Park if you have the time (and it's a nice day.) The Museum of Natural History is near it as well. I think they still accept donations for entry.


Mid-town is where Times Square and RC are. Walking down Broadway is fun, and you can try to buy last minute tickets cheap and catch a show. I understand the lines to the ESB are usually really long, so be aware of that.


Three days is probably the minimum to see all the things you want to see. It'll be completely exhausting, but a lot of fun. Enjoy!


Here's a tour map for download:


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I like to go to Macy's on 34th Street just to look around. I will admit to scouring out the old escalators. Don't ask me why, but I just love them.


You must purchase a hot dog with the works from a street vendor and a pretzel.


If you can be flexible on when you go to theatre you can stop by the tickets booth for discount tickets.


I love wandering around the village and soho.


How long are you going to be in NY?

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I recommend staying in Jersey City and taking public transportation into the city. Hotels are a bit less expensive and driving in the city/finding parking is a nightmare. The last time we went I think we stayed in a Marriot (I had travel points from my credit card) and the PATH? train was right next door so we had parking at the hotel then we took subways whereever we wanted to go or walked.

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Here was my trip report. I put our itinerary together with lots of recommendations from WTM peeps.


Highlights for me was the Met, the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. Oh and Whole Foods, but I guess you know about them already :rofl:

We stayed at the West Side YMCA, it was a very good price, for a large and clean bunk room. The location was fabulous. We used the pool downstairs only once as we were so busy. The bathrooms are shared and not overly clean. I'd stay there again, but it's only for those who don't mind hostelling it. For our budget it was either that or staying in Jersey with a longer commute each morning and we are really glad we stayed in the city.

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