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  1. Looking for someone who has experience with any of their classes. We are looking into the Teacher-Led High School classes. I'm just curious how you thought the content was, how the school was to deal with, ect. Thank you!
  2. The phrase, "What the --" spoken by children. They leave the phrase hanging but I hate it just the same. It sounds terrible but it's pretty popular here. I've had to correct my kids quite a few times.
  3. My milk is delivered every Tuesday. However, I signed up online. No sales person came but I imagine that's one way they market.
  4. It's petty but I completely get it. She's your baby girl! Try to look at the positive. She has family nearby and other people care for her. That is great! But, yeah, I get your reaction. I'd probably be the same way.
  5. I love the Plus. It was strange to use at first but I'm used to it now. I had to get a case for it because it was too easy to drop at first. I use my phone for all kinds of things and I like to larger screen. If I carried my phone in my pocket, the Plus wouldn't be an option. It's too big. But since I always keep it in my purse when I'm out an bout it hasn't been a problem for me. DH has a 6. He likes the Plus but because of the pocket thing it would never work for him.
  6. I agree with Connor Prairie and the Children's Museum. We have a lot of parks in the area that are very nice. This may sound weird but a few people have told me how beautiful and interesting a walk through Crown Hill Cemetery is https://www.crownhill.org/cemetery/notable-persons.html One of my favorite parks is http://www.hollidaypark.org/ Children's Museum is one of the best that I've been to.
  7. (((Rosie))) I am so very sorry.
  8. Love, Love, Love my Odyssey. I have a 2007 (I think). Not sure what edition it is but we have the navigation and entertainment package. Runs better than any vehicle I've ever had. Plenty of room. I just love it and expect my next vehicle to be an Odyssey as well. Then after that I'll got a nice, sporty car since I won't have children with me as often :)
  9. Our sitter charges $60 for an overnight stay. She would also have to do at least 2 additional visits during the day so I don't have her stay the night. She charges $15 for half hour visits, $25 for an hour and $7 for a 10 minute visit. She also waters plants, brings in mail, garbage cans, ect.
  10. I really like my Planner Pad. I'm a pen and paper girl with a phone addiction too. I do use google calendar for all my appointments but I still need to write it out or I will forget things. Planner Pad is great for brainstorming To-Do's and then planning when to do them and also penciling in appointments. I love it. But I do kind of wish they'd come out with a digital version. I probably wouldn't use it but I'd like to know it's there!
  11. Deleted - didn't see that there had been an update already. :)
  12. the Adoption Center that we used had barn cat rescue/adoption as well. I wonder if there might be a similar organization in your area? It's not as heavily advertised as the "indoor" cat adoption but it's on their site and a small sign is posted in local pets stores.
  13. We have cleaners come every other week. I spot clean the floors and vacuum as needed. Wipe down toilets and sinks almost daily. Daily kitchen maintenance and keep the inside of appliances clean (except the microwave-they clean that but of course I spot clean it too). They do all the deep cleaning and dusting. We "pick up" so they can do their job. Honestly, my four kids are in school and it's takes me about at least an hour each day pick up after everyone, wipe down bathrooms, clean up breakfast and get laundry going. We're a messy bunch.
  14. I'd say she averages an hour of homework or studying. Though some nights it's less and some it's more.
  15. I would have expected a detailed treatment plan before I signed a contract. My 13, 9 year old and myself are currently ortho patients. We left our consultation with an idea of the treatment plan for each of us. A week later we received a fairly detailed one in the mail. When we got our brackets on we received a bag with ortho products and a sheet with Do's and Dont's and tips for when things break. The assistants do most of the work and answer most of our questions. We see the ortho and she'll answer questions but most of our time is with the assistants. In our experience the spacers hurt worse than the monthly wire changes. My 9 year old practically never hurts. My 13 year old and I are sore for a couple of days after tightening and then maybe a random day here and there. I keep a big bottle of Ibprophen handy. I've heard of the 3-day cooling off period. Maybe it's possible to cancel the contract. If you feel like you can't work with him I'd cancel. It sounds pretty typical but I'm sure there are others who are much better at communicating. I don't think there's much more to tell you other than pain reliever and soft foods. Maybe he just assumes you know and feel like explaining it to his patient was sufficient. If you happen to be in West Georgia - I have friends there that have an awesome and fun ortho office and I could get his name for you. I'm kinda jealous :) Ortho isn't usually so fun sounding!
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