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Question for wine drinkers

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I've started drinking a glass of red wine every evening with supper for health reasons as well. I have been storing the opened bottle in the refrigerator. How long does an opened bottle keep before spoiling?

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What is this storing of wine you speak of?!! :) Sorry, your post cracked me up. A friend's husband immigrated here from Italy. Last year they were given a wine preserving set (the vacuum seal thing that you use to close half full bottles of wine.) He was so puzzled. Why would anyone not finish the wine? :)


We use a vacuum sealer and it helps. I keep red and white in the fridge if they are open - I just pour the red an hour before I want to drink it and place a small plate on top to keep out any fruit flies (in the warmer months). Wine closed properly and kept in the fridge seems to keep about 3 days without problems. Beyond that, it's a crap shoot. Box wine has come a long way and screw top wines can be excellent. Those are good options if you end up storing a lot of open wine.


Next time your friend wants to give out tons of wine, let me know. :)

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