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Problem with metal blackening in the dishwasher

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Does anyone have problems with their dishwasher detergent degrading the aluminum on pots, pans, cookie sheets?


For some reason, Cascade and other types of dishwasher detergent wear make all my aluminum cookie sheets, the tops of my KitchenAid mixer attachments, the handles of some of my knives, etc. so that they are dull and leave a black residue on hands. I know it's not my water; I'm on city water and have never had this problem before the dishwashing compounds starting reformulating to all these "power" types.


I replaced my cookie sheets and then started using Mrs. Meyers dishwashing compound, which didn't seem to blacken my metals. I can't find it locally anymore, though, so have gone back to Cascade but it's happening again. In comparing other brands to Cascade, the ingredients all seem the same so I'm doubtful that any other brand would be any different, really. I think it's because they're all formulated to literally chisel dried-on food off the dishes. All these "power" agents are the culprits, I think.


Anyone else notice this? I"m about to replace my cookie sheets once again because of this and am determined to find something that won't destroy them.



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We had to stop using Cascade for hte same reason. I think it's because it doesn't have phosphates any more (or something like that). We've gone to using Finish cubes instead (with the cute red power ball) and vinegar in the rinse cup. We were getting film on the glasses too and the Finish seems to fix that.


BTW - it took a wash with just vinegar (sloshed about 2 cups in the bottom of the washer) to get the black off DH's camping pots. Very nasty stuff.

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I haven't had that particular problem, but I had a bunch of other issues. We were planning to replace the dishwasher, and I had been spending a lot of time researching brands, when I decided to try a different detergent. I've used both the Cascade Action Pac and the Finish cubes, and both work much better than the Cascade powder. I've also noticed that I have to keep the Rinse Aid compartment all the way full, or the dishes feel gritty.



So we didn't have to replace the dishwasher after all, thanks to suggestions from the hive.


I don't know if any of that would help you though.


Come to think of it, I don't think I own any aluminum kitchen stuff.

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THESE are the pans I have trouble with-- no others, really. I bought them at Sur la Table, so they're not some cheapy Wal-Mart version. I love them, but am getting tired of spending $15 each for them and replacing them often.


We've had none of the other problems you describe, Perry. Just the blackening of pans and the gritty feel on metal that's not stainless steel.



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