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Sunday is the anniversary of DSS's mom's death

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In some ways it seems like a year, in others it seems like a lifetime. I don't know how DSS is going to handle it, if he will even acknowledge it or it is will pass with little notice. He is still pretty emotionally flatlined.


DH and I didn't think much about it until we had to cancel the sledding trip our Cub Scout Pack had planned for Mt. Rainier on Sunday due to high avalanche risk (snow level @ 8000 ft, rain, warm temperatures).... and it struck us that it was this weekend last year when our Pack went sledding and we came home to hear the news.


Anyway, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer for DSS and for his mom, I would really appreciate it.

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Absolutely. My dh lost his dad at age 9. It affected dh deeply for many years. He's now 50 years old and can make it through the anniversary with just a few reflective thoughts. It took him a long time to get there.


Before he reached this state each year was a different reaction. Some years he'd want to talk about it, some years he closed off completely. I usually make sure he gets lots of TLC on that day, his favorite meal, and time alone if needed.


I know you didn't ask, but I thought I'd share how I approach those days. It's so hard to see someone we care about dealing with the memories.

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