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AuntieM, tell us about your clean sweep 2010!

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Sooooo, you got rid of a bunch of stuff and sold it and got a lot of cash.


But I want details! For example, how'd you get sell your stuff? When we cleared out my daughter's room, we were bushed! It's all in the garage now waiting to be sold but, well, no one really wants to mess with ebay or a garage sale. What other options are there?


Girl, just tell me everything!


and if there was already a thread on the subject, you could just point me in that direction. I searched but didn't see it.


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Haha! Thank you all for being as excited about it as I am! But let me tell you, I could easily part with a thousand more things!


There was a thread at the beginning of the year about tossing "one item a day for 365 days" and I committed to that. I could not find that thread (my statistics/post archive only goes back 10 pages?), but it stated the ground rules. Basically, these were my terms:


Toss one thing - from Happy Meal toy to a big piece of furniture - to represent each calendar day. The point was to develop consistency, making this a daily event, but there were honestly days that I had to play catch-up with. I was very strict, however, about not going forward with the credit, except on Saturdays I let myself toss something which I counted for Sunday. Most days once I got it in my mind that it was time to do my toss of the day, I could easily come up with more than one thing to toss, and it counted for that same day. So as you can see, I got rid of over 2K items.


I counted an item UNLESS it was trash that I would get rid of anyway. So I did toss things that did not count. I counted single things, even if they were small - a spool of thread, an old knife - and if there were items that came as a set (ie, pair of shoes or earrings), I counted it as one item. I really, really did my best to give myself credit with integrity, iykwim, I really believe that I did not "over" count. Basically, if I could have chosen to keep it, but instead made the choice to part with it, I counted it.


I kept track on my daytimer the item(s) I was pitching each day (just by general description - books, toys, clothes), and when I started to actually make some money, I kept track of that as well. My only regret is that I did not set that money completely aside until the end of the year. As it came in I used it to supplement our budget, and I can't complain there, it was helpful, it just would have been fun to see the cash accumulate!


I put 2 boxes in the back of my car, one for Goodwill and the other for Half Price Books. When I "tossed" something into the back of my car I counted it as gone, and I was faithful to make regular trips to those locations. So some of the money came from book sales to HPB. I also set aside an area to hold items that I thought were worth trying to sell, mostly on craigslist. I did not count those items as "tossed" until they were actually sold and picked up.


We have spent the last decade going through corporate relos and I had reached a point where I was lugging around a lot of stuff just because I hadn't wanted to part with things that I might want to use in the "new" place. I just never got to stay in one place very long! We have been here a couple of years now with no move in sight, and I decided it was time. So I did begin with a lot of books, decor and keepsakes. Lots to get rid of!


My kids have grown and I finally passed along curriculum that I no longer need, with great success on homeschoolclassifiedsDOTcom and even a few transactions on these boards.


Basically, I did not overprice anything. I think I did my best to price things to move, to cover postage costs, to make it worth my time. The total amount includes two big ticket sales, one of a nice piano and the other part of a set of collectible china. That accounts for half the total "trash to cash." But if I look around, I know there are more small items laying around that I can post on CL. I am starting to work on that this week.


Also, I have reached a stage in my life where I am just darn tired of spending my time taking care of *stuff*. I want to spend my time taking care of *people*!!!! To me, that means being available. And I don't feel particularly available if my stuff is all out of order. To call it what it is, I have been in sin, caring more for my possessions than other more important stuff. I want to live life, not dust it. I'm tired of living that way, and the Clean Sweep mode will continue into the next year. I just won't be recording it, because I think 2010 proved the point. ;) I will say that learning more this year about John Piper, John Bunyan and the ideas of men like Francis Chan have done a lot to shape my thinking.


So this year, we have decided that our twins will be going to the Christian school for high school, and that means I will be parting with the rest of my curricula items as this school year winds down. And we will all keep handing off clothing. I'll part with more of the china and crystal that has just taken up space for the last 20 years. Basically, I am following the mantra of another board member (please remind me of who, if you know, I can't remember): If I find it's useful and adds beauty to my life, or if it is something I particularly cherish, I will keep it. But otherwise, it's outta here!


It went fast and it was a great thing to do over the course of a year. I actually completed something for a long term! It has really helped to shape my mindset. When the kids are mostly out of here in about 5 years, I may just take the full minimalist plunge!

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Momofonefunone, I hate garage sales. I set out some things on the one day our neighborhood had its annual community garage sale, but it was torture. Sheer torture!


IF I had a big ton of stuff all gathered and ready to go, and something like a barn to store it/stage it in, I would have a tag sale. But otherwise... I would rather just give the stuff away...

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I want to live life, not dust it.


AuntieM, that is an extraordinarily inspiring line! I may have to stick that beside my mirror, along with my "You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis" reminder.


I'm in the midst of doing some major pare down/give away/pitch/chuck/remove/hurl/sell/gift/relocate around here and I've pretty much reached exactly the mindset you're talking about. If it's not wonderful, I just want it to go.

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to? too? two? 2? :)
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How did you get the rest of the family on board? :bigear:


They just learned to get out of the way. Fast. I think they now easily recognize when I have "that" look on my face!


Quill, I love that CS Lewis quote, too, I just read over it the other day! Very inspiring for one approaching the mid-century mark, as I am. Happy tossing to you!

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"I want to live life, not dust it."


I'm keeping that one.:)


Every time I see your signature I think about doing the same thing. I'm getting there. My problem is that I am still homeschooling, a lot of the stuff is not mine to dispose of, I don't know where to take it and feel guilty about not trying to make some profit from it if I just donate it. I live on a dirt road so no one is coming here for a yard sale, lol. I keep thinking I have to get the most I can for it since we could really use the money but the thought of Craigslist or ebay just makes me want to sit down and cry. Otoh, I could really use my sanity too!!!


Someone come over and kick me in the you-know-what.:D

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