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I need bird-feeder reviews

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We have two bird feeders: a hanging one that has an acrylic dome that's supposed to keep out furry critters, and one that sits close to the ground and has a mesh tray, which allows water to drain through the seed so the seed doesn't get nasty.


The hanging one doesn't do a very good job of keeping out the squirrels, although only one at a time can fit in there. Sometimes the squirrels hang by their toes and help themselves to the food; it's very cute.:)


I don't have much problem with squirrels, though, so I haven't tried hard to keep them out. Good luck with that. :glare:


I guess I'm not much help. :lol:

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We have this one - http://www.birdfeeders.com/store/wild-bird-feeders/114 - which has held up well EXCEPT the pesky squirrels will sometimes hang upside down and scoop out the seed with their paws :glare:. However, they have not been able to damage the feeder.


We have two of these feeders - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Outdoor-Seasons-Squirrel-Be-Gone-III-Bird-Feeder/2553308 and they are excellent. They cause us many hours of amusement watching the squirrels try to get at the seed, but they have never succeeded :D.


The squirrels have not been able to chew either of these feeders which has been a nice bonus.

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