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face wash for young girls?

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We have used Cetaphil (usually the generic, as it's much cheaper) and Lubriderm since she was an infant (now 9 yo). She has KP (keratosis pilaris) on both cheeks and this is what the ped. recommended.


I use Cetaphil or Dove soap, and Olay. I have used Lubriderm on many occasions when my Olay ran out. HTH!

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We have used Cetaphil


:iagree::iagree: Especially for such young skin! My older dd has sensitive skin and it is the only thing she can use. She's used it for years.


My dd 10 still just washes with regular water. I won't put anything else on her skin until it is obvious she needs it.

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We use Cetaphil, too (dd just turned 11). It's very gentle and keeps the bumps and zits away - when she remembers to use it. This winter she's been using Neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin, but the rest of the year she doesn't need anything else.

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