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Someone posted about the Provo Tabernacle fire

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What's odd is how comforting I find that picture (of the burned picture, but the unburned picture as well ;) ). I grew up visiting the Provo area often, and lived there for the better part of a year back in 2001, and the Provo Tabernacle held a special place in my heart. My ancestors helped build it a century ago, and it was an amazing, gorgeous structure. But as tragic a loss as it is, it is only a building, and the spirit and the faith and the purpose that built it cannot be burned. :)

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Thanks for posting the pic of what the painting really looks like though I am familiar with this pic:001_smile:.

AWESOME! Awesome that the fire didn't destroy that part of the painting. Surely that wasn't the original painting, I would think not.


If it was in the tabernacle, I would think it *was* the original painting (I could be wrong). It definitely looks like an oil painting, and that type of frame is consistent with an oil on canvas.


What I find interesting is the line of blue up to the top of the painting that didn't burn. One could argue that perhaps some type of protectant may have been painted over his image, but no one would have painted that strip.






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I think the article described it as a glicee (??) which I assume means it's just a really high-quality print?


ETA: However, there WAS deffinately some original artwork on display at the Tabernacle. Some of Minervah Techart's works, for one. :( :(

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It isn't the original, but a very high quality reproduction. I love this story. I think it illustrates that God is in the details and that even when things seem very bleak, He is there and He knows. Here are some news articles from around town. The second link has more photos than the first.






I will truly miss the tabernacle. As a proud BYU alumnus, it was one of my favorite things about Provo.

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My sil's house burned down when she was young. Everything was completely destroyed. Everything but one cedar trunk in her bedroom. The other trunks in the house were gone. Inside, on top of the contents of the chest, was a picture of Jesus. The entire trunk and contents were unharmed.

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