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Is there a secular version of the Dave Ramsey financial stuff?

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I'm looking for a book to give my son for Christmas. It might carry more weight as a book rather than just me saying what we do GRIN.



Mary Hunt has much the same program as Dave Ramsey (she may have been around longer than him, too -- not sure). This is what dh and I used to eliminate our debt, buy the family farm and keep our finances debt-free. While she does have some books that are geared to the xian market (specifically, Debt-Proof Your Marriage, and The Financially Confident Woman) her basic books are, IMO, secular. The best is the classic, Debt-Proof Living, which outlines the whole plan.


If you want to ramp it up, you can use her website for some calculators and other extras, but it's not necessary. The website has some free areas, and some for paid members. I've never used the paid portion of the site. I just keep all my budgeting and tracking in spreadsheets on my own. I think that newer editions of her book come with a code in the back good for a few months of website membership, but don't quote me on that.

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