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Don't ask if you don't want an answer...

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Dh and I took ds for a wonderful dinner over the weekend to celebrate his turning 17.

We got to talking about some of the turns his life will be taking over the next five years.


So I asked (WHY?!?) "What kind of mil do you think I'll be?"


Ds (looking very serious) "Well, I've been thinking about that" :001_huh:

"You're gonna be either really cool :coolgleamA: or really awful."


Dh could hardly breathe because he was busy doing :lol::lol:::lol::smilielol5:


Wha...? Oh well, he's probably right. :blushing:

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Don't you love when they tell you what they are really thinking? It's a real ego-booster. We were going to eat at a restaurant and I told my ds2 that I had applied there for a job when I was a teenager, but they didn't hire me. "Why not?", he asked. "Maybe because I was too beautiful to work there," I say. "That's not the reason, Mom," replies ds2.



Anywho- if you need lessons on how NOT to be a MIL, I can lend you my MIL.

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You'll be great, because you'll vent here whenever something happens, and then you can be sweet to her!

That's my plan, at least!:D


It's funny--when the boys started turning 18 or so, I began to realize their current girlfriends may be "the girl;" you know, the girl that would one day be my daughter in law!

I met dh when I was 17, and I wonder if my mil saw me the first time and had the same feeling.

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