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Jaw pain associated with cold?

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My father had a cold this weekend. Headache, pressure in face, runny nose, cough, fatigue. I mean, this man is never down but it knocked him out.


Last night I was having severe jaw pain, mainly on one side right where the the jaw hinge is near the ear. It felt like sinus pressure, and I have sinusitis with allergies, so I figured that was it.


This morning, I woke up with a dry, sore throat but not too bad. I could talk normally and it was more irritating than painful. I also had a sour stomach. Not really nausea, but queasy-ness I guess.


Now, about 10 hours after waking, the sore throat has gotten worse. One of my glands is swollen, so I assume this is the beginning stages of the cold my father had.


My jaw still hurts, mainly on the left side, but a bit on the right. I can barely open mouth to eat something the size of a sandwich, but I can talk fine. When I bite down hard or open it wider it is stiff and an achy stab. I did have all wisdom teeth removed last October so maybe that is it.


Can jaw pain be a symptom of a cold, or is it maybe because I had my wisdom teeth removed for some reason :001_huh:


Thanks for any input.


Also, another question that may be stupid. My best friends' older sister is being induced tomorrow night. She is a good friend of mine and really wants me there. I told her I think I have a cold and don't want to make her or her baby sick. She told me it would be fine if I just wear a mask in the room and wash my hands. Is she being too laid back or am I being too paranoid? I don't want to spread my sickness, but I also want to be present. If I start to cough tomorrow like my father was, I for sure won't go, but would it be okay if I wear a mask and wash hands constantly?



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I have had jaw pain as the result of coughing a lot. It did something to strain the muscle (I think) and when the cough went away so did the pain. When I get that pain now, I put a hot water bottle on it as much as possible for a few days and it goes away.


As for being present at the birth--I would not.

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For me I clench my teeth when I have throat pain and wake up with a sore jaw. Could it be that you are doing that and not realizing it?


I've never had the problem before. I do clench my teeth when swallowing when I have a sore throat, but I've never had jaw pain from it.


I didn't have a sore throat yesterday either, and the jaw pain began yesterday so I don't think so.

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And as for the birth, I won't be present during the birth. Just before and after. So, I doubt that makes any difference but maybe.


I probably won't go because even if washing hands and wearing a mask was enough, I am paranoid and don't want to endanger her child or her whether she thinks it'll be fine or not.

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DS and I had colds with sinus pressure and jaw pain (on just one side) last month. I actually thought he had molars cutting through because of his age and where he was describing the pain until I realized how much pressure I had gone through (my jaw felt like it wasn't even opening properly for a few days). Our jaw pain cleared up a few days after the other cold symptoms disappeared. HTH.

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