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  1. Could you perhaps create a makeshift cone for the hamster? That way you could apply a soothing ointment/cream, and she also can't further pick or lick her wounds. I'm sorry :(
  2. I suppose it could be teething? Some of his back teeth broke through a few weeks ago. At the moment, he's alternating playing and whining/crying. I gave him some baby gas drops to see if that helped at all.
  3. My sister is at work, but she's waiting on a call back from the peds nurse.
  4. He pooped normally yesterday, but nothing yet today (it's 11AM). He's eating little things. Some cheerios here, some plain pasta there. Nothing like his usual, but enough to get him by. He seems to be drinking normally and has wet diapers, and his eyes aren't sunken. No fever. No one else has any symptoms. We all got a stomach bug about 1 1/2 months ago, but he got over his within 36 hours, so it's not lingering from there either.
  5. My 1-year-old nephew has been feeling icky for the past few days. About four nights ago, he vomited what looked like white paste twice. It was more like spit up than vomit actually. Prior to the episodes, he would toss and turn and whine. He did the same the following night. These past two nights, he hasn't spit up at all, but he still has episodes of tossing, turning, and whining for about 15 minutes or so at night. Also, he did have runny stools, three days ago and two days ago. But only once on both days. We thought it was reflux, due to the consistency of the spit up
  6. Thanks milovany and Lanny! I think I'll look into FreeTaxUSA
  7. We have one which the entire immediate family knows about, and a few members of extended family as well. We don't really discuss it, and I think for the sake of honoring that person's memory, we won't tell it to future generations. It's something that I wish I didn't know, but it kind of happens that I need to. Now, I do believe this "secret" is public record, though I haven't tried looking. It's not something that would come up unless intentionally looking for it, though.
  8. So it appears that I forgot about myfreetaxes. It's linked to HR Block, and when signed in through their site, it allows me to upgrade to the HR Block Premium package (which includes the 1099 misc and Schedule C) for free. Maybe look into that frugalmamatx?
  9. I've been self-employed for the past few years, and every single time tax season rolls around I have a hard time finding a free online tax software which includes the 1099-misc. I believe last year I used HR Block, and the year prior it was TurboTax. However, every year it changes as to which software offers the free self-employed federal return for married couples within the income threshold. If you're self-employed and filing online, what software are you using? Is it free? Thanks!
  10. Ah, that was it! Thanks! It wasn't a plastic tab, but a switch on the battery compartment. Now he can dance to it, ha!
  11. My 1yo nephew got this toy for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. We've been wondering thought why it doesn't complete the nursery rhyme songs. Like it'll sing the beginning of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, but then it fades out when it's only about 10 seconds in. It's not a huge deal, but we're just wondering if anyone knows why it does this?
  12. I appreciate the replies. As has been mentioned by a few others, while renters insurance is important, they cannot afford it. I've failed two driving tests (stupid parallel park), which is why we need a vehicle I can practice in before sitting for another test. Once we have the car, I will be able to get my permit again (have to sit for the test again) and then practice in our vehicle (which will be the one used for the test). We don't have any friends nearby who have a vehicle I can practice in and use for the test. We live in a small town with the closest DMV 30 minutes away.
  13. My parents do not currently have any policies. They rent as well, so they don't hAve home insurance, and they don't have a vehicle, so no car insurance.
  14. I'm in my early 20s, and my husband and I finally have enough saved to purchase a used car. The problem is, neither of us has a license and won't be able to get one until we have a car. My permit expired. Does anyone have experience with purchasing a car without a license? We live above my parents, so we figured we'd put my Dad on the insurance until I get my license and am able to take it over. We don't want to have him purchase the car under his name, because he's worried it might affect his disability benefits and he has a payment plan with the IRS and they'd think it was his money
  15. Oh, and a quick question - we pay our rent in cash each month. Even though it's family, would it look a bit better to have a paper trail (check or money order) to prove we pay monthly? Or maybe a direct deposit into their bank account each month straight from ours?
  16. I really appreciate the responses! I think my husband and I have officially decided to wait 9 - 12 more months and build up our credit as we wait. We do have credit history, but it's not in the best shape. We have no late payments on credit cards or our cell phone bill, but he has a few collections that we need to handle from when he was newly-18. We also want to get our credit utilization under 30% and work on increasing our monthly income as well.
  17. I do not have anyone who would be willing to co-sign for me. Perhaps my husband or roommate do, but my family wouldn't. I've been looking around online, and it seems landlords are split on the combined income vs individual income requirements issue. I can completely see why a LL would feel more secure if each individual tenant made 2.5 - 3x the rent, but most people wouldn't be rooming together if they could do so individually. I appreciate your reply!
  18. My husband and I are looking to move within the next few months, but we're new to the renting scene. We're both in our young 20s, and our only rental experience is renting from family. I would appreciate some advice on our specific situation and how we can prove ourselves to landlords. 1. I and my husband are self-employed -- our monthly income isn't consistent, but it stays above $1200/month. So, one month we may make $2000 while another we may make $1400. Our previous year's tax return is not indicative of our current income, and while we did make enough last year to pay our curr
  19. This. I have the same format in my courses, and it does nothing to encourage actual class discussions. Instead, you have students just regurgitating facts in reply to each other. The discussion goes absolutely no where after the initial posting.
  20. Yeah, I didn't realize that the guy had copied her entire list of reference until right after I posted. I agree that copying and pasting references isn't plagiarism, but I think he screwed himself a bit by keeping the non-used references in his list. I'm sure he'll lose a few points for that.
  21. If you're following APA formatting as it's currently laid out, how do you know that the student copied the reference and didn't just use the same formatting as you? I use APA formatting as well in my courses, so I'm just trying to get an idea of what you added to your reference list citation that made it unique. ETA: Oh, I think I understand. The student copied your entire list of references and added it to the end of his posts, but he only actually used one of the references listed in his work? Unfortunately, I don't think that could be considered plagiarism. I imagine he'll get dock
  22. I agree to go ahead and call and see what they can do. The cashiers are supposed to check the sizes of each shoe, and I can't imagine they'd give you that much of a hard time due to their mistake.
  23. I agree with Pam. Follow your lawyer's advice exactly. Honestly, I think you went above and beyond when it came to giving that guy time to remedy the situation. He either didn't want to admit his mistake, or he knowingly pulled one over on you (which seems more likely).
  24. It really depends on height, starting weight, activity level, and other such things. For example, on a daily basis, I burn 2150 calories. At my current weight, to lose 1.5 lbs/wk, I eat 1450. As I continue to lose but remain at the same 1450 calores amount, the amount of weight I'll lose per week will slowly lessen. It can be helpful to use a TDEE calculator (which takes into account all of the above mentioned factors) to see how much you burn per day on average.
  25. I practice intermittent fasting. If I didn't, I wouldn't be satisfied on my 1,450/cal per day. For me, this means I skip breakfast and have a late lunch and dinner. My eating window is usually between 2pm - 8pm, but I try to stay flexible depending on my hunger levels and plans for the day. So, for lunch, I usually have a ground turkey wrap with mayonnaise and feta. Sometimes I'll have a sandwich, or I'll grab a grinder from the grocery store. If I'm not really hungry, I'll boil some eggs or maybe just eat some deli meat and cheese without the bread and fixings. Dinner is u
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