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Audiblox Kit

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I don't know if it was ever respected, but I used it many years ago with my son and I *think* it might have helped with his reading fluency. Back when I used it with him (about 5 years ago), it was mentioned here all the time. Now the only time I ever see it mentioned is when I'm doing the mentioning.

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I never used it, but you used to hear about it a lot more frequently. I will say that now seems to be a really bad time to sell. I have things I'd been trying to sell over the last few months that are current, popular items and they've taken forever to sell. Normally, this isn't the greatest time to sell, but it seems much worse this year, I'm assuming at least in part due to the economy. I've actually been wondering if others had been noticing this as well.


The resale market really picks up sometime after the new year and into the spring, so maybe you will have better luck then. Have you tried listing on http://www.homeschoolclassifieds.com? I usually sell everything I list there even if it takes a couple of months, but lately I haven't been having as much luck at that site either.



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I just looked it up and discovered that Audiblox has gone digital.  That means you can stick your kid in front of a computer and not have to do anything yourself.  I suppose that would help with consistency, but I always thought that the intensive one-on-one time using with real objects was part of the magic.

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