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Parent Teacher Conferences

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Is anyone taking a day off for parent teacher conference?

I give my dc and myself a day off when parent teacher conference times comes around. My husband teaches at a private school, so we schedule the day off with his schedule.

The funny thing is my dh and I do discuss our dc and how the school year is going and their future.

We also try to plan a fun and/or relaxing day off.

So, if you take the day off, what are you planning?

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I don't, but I like that idea! It would make a great excuse to have a lunch date with the kids' dad (and heck, maybe even the kids) to talk about how school is going and what direction we're heading in.


We take random "mental health" days throughout the year; maybe I can re-name one to be our Parent-Teacher Conference day ;)

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That was my first thought too! But a whole day of talking to myself??? I think I'd rather have a teacher-husband conference. For one whole day. Throw in one whole night too, and you're really onto something... :lol:


If my husband had the day off from work, you BET we'd take the day off too, no matter what the occasion!

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I wouldn't even know when those are in the public schools...their calendar and schedule are so far off my grid, I rarely even know when they are not in school for the day unless a neighborhood child rings the doorbell earlier then I was expecting.


We pretty much take school off when "I" feel like it, which is probably at least once a month, just for no random reason other than I am feeling a bit of burnout.

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