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Kids Eating Healthier

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I just wanted to share something I'm doing to get my kids eating healthier. It's also helping me be more aware of what I'm buying at the store.


I put a list on the refrigerator each day (just a memo pad paper). I tally mark each fruit, vegetable, and whole grain serving. Then I tally mark each color category (blue/purple, green, white, red, yellow/orange). If they eat 5 fruits and vegetables, 3 whole grains, and at least 3 different colors during the day, they can have dessert after supper. I'm keeping ice cream and ready to bake cookies (pop a couple in the oven) on hand so that I don't have to cook a big dessert. I don't want lots around for my own temptation.


They seem more eager to eat the veggies and I'm being careful to buy and plan more color into our meals. I found a list of fruits and vegetables by color that has been very helpful. Here it is:




It's the second page of the first chart to track by color.



11yo dd

4yo ds

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Just an additional bit of noteworthy news! My 2 kids actually were arguing who was going to eat the last cucumber strip at supper tonight. This is actually working. They both ate 6 servings of fruits/veggies today.


Amy of GA

11yo dd

4(almost5)yo ds

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We've started making healthy smoothies. I got a recipe from a yahoogroup that sounds horrible but is really good :

Toss all this stuff in your blender:

-handful of frozen strawberries

-half-handful of frozen blueberries

-one banana

-handful of baby spinach (yes)

-a fair amount of your favorite juice

-if desired, add frozen yogurt

-we added flax seed as well


My kids really like it - they don't even taste the spinach in there. You have to be sure to not throw in too much spinach or the stuff turns a yucky brown color. If it turns brown, just throw in some more strawberries!


Substituting other fruits work well too!

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