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Can homeschoolers order software with an educational discount?

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Hopefully, someone else will chime in, too, but I've purchased at a teacher's discount from academicsuperstore. For my first order, I had to fax them a copy of a letter from the county of our intent to homeschool being accepted. I had a choice of doing that or sending in a copy of my umbrella organization's ID card.



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Yes - we buy everything from Academic Superstore with zero problems. Just order what you want - and they tell you if it is OK for students/parents - and then you fax them your homeschool proof. I fax my HSLDA card and you are good for a year to order whatever you want. We have purchased InDesign, Corel Draw, Corel Painter, Toon Boom, and will soon be ordering a drawing tablet and Windows 7 for Christmas.


I will be very bummed when he graduates because I will have to pay full price for stuff again!


(And yes - every single bit of it is used for homeschooling.)

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we did just buy adobe CS5 for $198 versus $1988...with an ID of my son from our umbrella charter homeschool. He is doing photography and learning scrapping from me...just a blast for a teen ager to take pics of his brother and sister and photoshop them in other places or bodies!!

There are a lot of programs on there, but that was a doozy for us!!

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