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I'm back after 384 hours with out my computer.

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Not only did they not catch it, but couldn't find it.


We have a decent paid subscription service with automatic updates, and we had the same thing happen to us recently. Not only did the trojan get in, but the scans didn't detect it once it was in.


We used our security company's online tech service where you turn control of your computer to the tech at their service center (in India, in our case), and he fixes the problem while you watch on the screen. While it seems wrong to pay $90 for a service that was caused by a "defect" in the original security program, the work they did was soooo worth it! The virus we had was very persistent, and I had to go back to the techs three times within a one week period, but eventually they got it all. They also removed other adware/spyware that had gotten through and was bogging down my computer. My old computer received a new lease on life!

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I'm finding more and more on homeschool google searches that there are a lot of suspicious sites coming up and they all have the green AVG "tick" beside them. I've learnt to look at both the description.... the dodgy ones have strings of search terms, sometimes unrelated and the URL will be odd with lots of slashes and letters. I hit a site once but fortunately something on my computer stopped it opening.

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