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does anyone play Fantasy Football??

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just curious how many play FF. My dh has done it for a few years and I thought it would be something kind of fun that I could do with him - you know, pretend to enjoy his interests :D - so I started 2 years ago.....and turns out it's crazy fun and I'm turning into a huge football fan :lol: I even got him preseason tickets for his birthday, so yesterday we went to a Lions game. We had a live draft last week and I can't wait for the season to start!

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I'm just curious what it actually is?
You have your own football team, but you can have any player you want (sort of) So you might have the colts QB, the Patriots WR, Cowboys RB, etc....and then you get points based on how that individual player did, regardless of how the team did. So the Lions suck, but Calvin Johnson does great, so you can get points for him. And then you total the points up, and you are playing one other person each week, and whoever has the most points wins. And if a player gets injured or suspended or whatever, you have to mess with your roster to make sure you have a good team. Or if they have a bye week, you have to find someone else to fill the spot. It's so much fun.
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