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  1. I just finished reading the book last night and it is helping me revamp some of what I wanted to do for 9th grade. My daughter really likes unsolved mysteries - bermuda triangle type of stuff, and so we're working on incorporating that into a logic class, which I never would have thought about doing, and we're going to tie it into her geography class by studying mysteries from each country she studies. I'm so excited to think through this will my other kids.
  2. ohhh that HR-in-HR group looks amazing!!! I joined the SEARCHVA group the other day but haven't been accepted yet.
  3. I'm not sure yet. Ideally I'd like to live near the town, but it just depends on what houses are still for rent in 2-3 weeks. Possibly Portsmouth/Chesapeake, on the western side of them.
  4. :) We've been looking since April so I'm so happy to finally end up somewhere. We were really hoping for Charlottesville, so I'm trying to adjust to being 'let down' and excited at the same time. But yeah, I can't wait to get down there and start exploring. :)
  5. My husband finally got a job in Virginia, and he starts on Tuesday working for the city, and the kids and I are moving down at the end of the month. (from MI) Not quite sure where we're going to live. There aren't a lot of houses to rent in our price range, so we'll see what's still out there in 2-3 weeks. So I was looking over the HEAV website and the Vahomeschoolers.org page and it was kind of hard to find support groups. I know there's a ton down there. A lot of their websites led to yahoo groups and I can't tell if the groups are active or not. I just wanted to say Hi to all the area folks :) And, what homeschool groups do you recommend we check out? We're looking for something inclusive. Doesn't necessarily have to be secular, but we're fairly liberal, don't want to sign a SOF or anything. Along those same lines, anyone have any recommendations for a non-conservative evangelical-type church in the area? (I personally prefer Episcopal, but hubs and kids aren't sure if they're ready for that switch.)
  6. Oh, that all sounds awesome. My husband just sent off his first resume to a company in Charlottesville this morning. So we'll see. The more I hear about Charlottesville, the more I like it. We spent a couple of weeks in VA a couple of years ago and loved it. So I've seen Richmond and the surrounding area - we only drove past C'Ville. This will be the craziest thing we've ever done by far, but I really hope it works out!
  7. We're seriously considering looking for a job and moving to either C'ville or Richmond (from Michigan). Part of our decision depends on homeschooling groups. What are they like? Big? Diverse??? Open to semi-crunchy, moderately liberal people who don't like Abeka and refuse to sign a SoF?? :thumbup1:
  8. oh I didn't see that balloon button. Yes, that's what I was looking for! Thanks!
  9. Is there a way to get to different forums without having to go back to the main page? The little pull-down box at the bottom corner was really helpful. I'm wondering if I'm just not finding it???
  10. I just try not to read aloud. I really don't like it, because I read so fast silently, that I feel like I'm just going sooo slow out loud. So I do a lot of audiobooks/librivox stuff. I'm doing FIAR this year though, so I'm going to have to read out loud a little bit. I'm going to try standing or sitting better.
  11. oh my gosh, I do this too. And I hate reading out loud already. This just makes it even worse. It's so annoying. :glare: Maybe I'll have to try standing while I read and see if that helps.
  12. My 11 yo told me the other day she doesn't want to do high school and she's definitely not going to college, and all she wants to do with her life is be just like me, because 'I don't do anything' :001_huh: :banghead: :cursing: :huh: My favorite ideas are: Ideas for making science a spine instead of history, at least in the younger years What happened to encouraging teenagers to work? Why all this focus on sports and taking AP classes? I've always wanted to hear about how you met your husband, and what it's like for you as a pastor's wife. I want to hear about how you motivate yourself, and maintain self discipline. How you get goals and GET STUFF DONE. Classical homeschooling with visual-spatial/ADD children. I would love to read a follow-up post by your oldest son regarding his gap year experiences. Now that he's been through a year or two of college, what does he perceive to be the impact of that gap year on his college education? Resources for really learning math for the math-phobic parent. Take a real essay written by a teen and grade it, giving reasons for each notation you make.
  13. So I was lesson planning yesterday and was frustrated at how many different resources/curriculum I was having to put together to get at the subject I wanted, so I thought about creating my own pdf unit study. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if I could pick your brain a little bit.
  14. Huh. It must be the shipping that's the checkmark. Well, that's a fascinating price, so if anyone was thinking about buying that curriculum....:D:D:D
  15. I bought a couple of books earlier today, and they had a free month of Amazon Prime, so I signed up so I could get the quick shipping. Then a little bit ago, dh pre-ordered the Madden game, which gave him $15 to Amazon, and I realized we have enough Speedy Rewards points to get a $50 Amazon gift card. So I started loading up the shopping cart with books I still needed to get....and I see this: :001_huh: (woah, sorry that's a huge pic!) Is it that price for everyone? Is it just that price b/c I have Prime??? Whatever it is, it's amazing. I ran up to the gas station at 10:30 at night to get my gift card in case that price is gone tomorrow :D (sorry Susan!!) But if that's the case.....well now I understand why some people get Prime!
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