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I want to be age 3 again

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As I stand here watching my dd3, I think I want to be 3 again. She has on a red winter coat, a too small one that I was giving away, with one purple croc style shoe and one pink sandal with a white butterfly. She is wearing a Halloween Pumpkin bucket for a hat. That is all. And she is the happiest, most content person in our home right now. :D

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Well, you could try to emulate her style but I'm afraid that it might get you committed.;):lol:


I love three year olds too.:)



I have a 3 yr old too. And I enjoy her many inspired wardrobe changes.


My fav is when she puts a pullup on her head (face looking out a leg hole) and runs around the yard in her brother's superman cape and wearing nothing more than her purple panties wielding big brother's light saber.


Tomboy for sure.

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I'd like to be 3 since my 3 yo gets a nap almost every afternoon!

I just peeked at him and he is soooo cute. Curled up with a hot wheels car in one hand and a teddy in the other.

Don't you love to see your little kids asleep?! :001_smile:

Yes I certainly do. My other 'baby' is 10 and I miss this stage so much. I wish it cuold go slower...
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Ahh, but we all still have our inner 3 year old selves, waiting to be sprung on the world again someday. My 3 year old self will show back up some time around my 70th year, unless I (she?) can't wait that long! And I will be resplendent in my mismatched crocks, cape, and light saber! There's a reason somebody wrote that poem "When I am old, I shall wear purple..." :)


Actually, your stories are all so sweet. Yes, I miss those days. We had so many glorious high heeled shoes and tiaras around here. They went well with the stick horses and tiger costume!


Make sure you take lots of pictures. I treasure all the crazy-wardrobe-day pictures.

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