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SOTW 3 Favorites


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So what are your absolute favorite must not miss reads for SOTW 3? (history, additional history readings, and lit) I always get overwhelmed looking at the additional readings and then wind up never getting any done. So which books for the kids to read and what books for read alouds are in your mind absolutely necessary and life couldn't go on if you didn't read it?


I have kids from 8th to preschool so any level. I just would this year like to get some of those books read!

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Here's my favorites from what I've pre-read for this year...


Additional History Books:

D’Aulaire’s Pochohantus

Peter the Great by Diane Stanley

Winter at Valley Forge

Only the Names Remain

Susanna of the Alamo



Pochohantus & the Strangers

A Lion to Guard Us

Phoebe the Spy

Mr. Revere and I

The Cabin faced West

Naya Nuki

The Courage of Sarah Noble

By the Great Horn Spoon



The Witch at Blackbird Pond

Farmer Boy

The Jungle Book

Toliver’s Secret

Johnny Tremain


Sign of the Beaver

Calico Bush


Hope that helps!

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We haven't started Volume 3 yet, but we have it scheduled for the fall. I have already gone through our online access to the local library and made a list of the books thay have for each chapter (our online search tool allows the user to save lists, which makes it convenient). I figure I will use the ones the library has, trying to be a good steward. Most chapters they have a handful so I figured that narrows it down for us.


I do have a list started of a few that are mentioned in more than one chapter that I may try to purchase. I would love some feedback on these:


  • Herstory: Women Who Changed the World
  • Great Events that Changed the World
  • Don't Know About the Kings and Queens of England

If there are any that come highly recommended that our library doesn't have, I could do an inter-library loan request.

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We use Biblioplan which schedules many different readers and source materials in addition to SOTW. My impression from our experience with year 3 is that SOTW 3 is weak on American history. So I would be mostly supplementing the American history side of things. Some things we particularly enjoyed:


The History of US (volumes 2-5 for year 3 I think)

If You Lived in Colonial Times and other If You books for this time period

Jean Fritz books such as And Then What Happened Paul Revere?

Liberty's Kids DVD set

Our favorite read alouds were Johnny Tremain and Carry on Mr. Bowditch

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