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  1. This link may be very helpful to you! Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood CC Cycle 1 Science Resources Happy reading! :)
  2. I highly recommend Ready Readers from Center for Lit! :)
  3. WOW! Thank you, Lori! That was extremely helpful and informative. Anxious to read these with my boys this summer. :)
  4. Magic Lake it is, then! :) Thanks for your help, ladies!
  5. Just finished reading Half Magic by Edward Eager this morning with the boys. Such a fun read! Looking forward to reading the next book, but I am getting conflicting stories about which book comes next. ;) By the looks of Edward Eager's page on Wikipedia, it would appear that The Magic Lake is next. But a friend is recommending Knight's Castle next. Advice is appreciated! :)
  6. And the older books still correspond fine with the Math Without Borders dvd? Thanks for your help, everyone! I appreciate it so much. I didn't even know that Follett existed! :)
  7. Bummer. No Teacher Manuals available on Amazon or Half.com. Not sure where else to search (and find it at a good price!). I am also wondering what the difference between the Teacher Manual and the Solutions Manual is? Do I need both? Thanks! :)
  8. I am ready to make the switch from MUS Algebra over to Foerster's Algebra 1 and use the Math Without Borders dvd along with the textbook. Which textbook did you use? (An ISBN number would be appreciated.) On the Math Without Borders site, it states that you can use this book or earlier versions. I will most likely purchase the newer version. I plan to do many of the problems alongside my son. Do I need both the Teacher Manual AND the Solutions Manual? If so, what are the ISBN numbers for these texts that will match up with the most recent Foerster's Algebra 1 book? Do I purchase them through Oasis? Thanks for any help you can offer! :)
  9. Here's the reply I received this afternoon from HSBC. Guess I just need to be patient! :) Thank you for your inquiry and recent purchase of Homeschool Spanish! The Group Buy Expiration date for this offer was 7/31/2011. As outlined in the Terms and Conditions: FULFILLMENT: Digital download product orders will receive an email with instructions directly from Homeschool Spanish within 10 days (or less) after the group buy expiration date. Printed format product orders will process and leave the Homeschool Spanish warehouse within 10 days (or less) after the group buy expiration date. Please also allow sufficient time for delivery services. Please let us know if we may help you further. We appreciate you at the Co-op! Warm Regards, Brenda Homeschool Buyers Co-op
  10. I ordered on the 27th and have not received any info yet. Nothing in my spam folder, either. On HSBC it shows that I placed my order and paid for it ... but no instructions as to how to actually download the materials.
  11. Bumping for you. :) I am purchasing Rainbow Science this afternoon for my upcoming 7th grader to use and am also interested in scheduling.
  12. This looks wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the link. Would be late for us (8:30 to 10:30) ... but I'm thinking it would be worth the late night! :)
  13. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I read this thread! Makes so much sense and I am excited to figure out how I can incorporate both world history and American history into our upcoming school year! THANK YOU!!! :)
  14. This is inspiring me to redo my assignment sheets! Did you do this in Word? Would you also be so kind as to share the names of the fonts you used? :)
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