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Health Curriculum Options?

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They have a book for each grade level on health/safety, etc. She says her dc enjoy it. Our state requires health/safety ed. each year and it personally boggles my mind. Don't we teach our dc about health and safety every day? Anyway, that's not what you asked! Check out Abeka. :)

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Living Books Curriculum includes health in their course of study. You can see what books they use by visiting their online catalog and viewing the science thread.


The first grade curriculum includes a program/textbook called Growing Strong and Healthy. It is included on the CD in the curriculum. I am not sure if you can purchase it separately.






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I've read a few of the Abeka texts though I haven't used them with my dc and they *are* really nice.


But another option is the Millers series, Prudence and the Millers:


It's really great. I can't wait for my kids to be older and use this book. (Okay wait I don't want them to grow older but I do want to use this book.)


Topics include:



Timmy and the Lion (how to not spread germs)

Sleepy Sharon

A Health Conscience

Keeping myself Clean

Five Brushes for Laura

"Hot Shot" Henry (doing crazy things and getting hurt)

"Four Eyes"

A Little Fire

Sharon Does the Cooking (how not to cook without parents)

The Breath of Life

Help- I'm Drowning! Water Safety

Timmy's Tummy

Safety at Home

Being THoughtful

Laura's Long Nose

Play the Man

Laura Learns to be a Lady

THe Neighbor's HOuse

The Zoo in the Kitchen

The "Weird Family" - about predjudice


Timmy's Trip to Town

Those Horrible Habits

Telephone Trouble

In the House of the Lord

Honor they Father and thy Mother


You can get this book at anabaptist bookstore online, and I think you can get it at Rainbow Resource. It's mennonite but there isn't much specific to mennonites in this one. I also recommend the whole Millers series. We've only had to skip or talk about our difference with one or two stories in the whole series.

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I've known about Living Books, but I hadn't looked at the health materials.


I also know about the Miller's title (we have done Wisdom and Missionary Stories), but I didn't realize what was actually in the Prudence title.


As I mentioned to Sue, I don't necessarily want to make a big deal out of studying health as an academic subject, but yet I would like to have a few reading sources just to make sure I am covering the topic in some manner. Of course, we teach health in the course of living our lives, but sometimes I worry that I assume too much about what my dc pick up by osmosis.


These are all good suggestions.


Thanks so much!

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Rod and Staff also has a health curriculum for 2nd and 4th/5th grades. My ds started it today and really likes it! He asked if he could do it every day, LOL! It looks gentle, yet very thorough. I'm pleased with it!


Nancy, we used the second grade curriculum from R&S in 2nd, but it could be easily used with H and A if you did it orally now. It is super inexpensive and this is the description:


Proper Manners and Health Habits

The health and proper care of our bodies is of great importance as well as are the courtesies and general helpfulness and consideration to others. The best time for children to learn these good habits is when they are young.


This book brings practical health guidelines to second-grade-level children in a fascinating way and in a manner with which they can easily identify. Stories and pictures are included which aid in learning the concepts. Some chapter titles are "Mealtime Manners," "Care of Rooms," "Keeping Myself Clean," and "Getting Our Rest."


Simple directions enable the students to work independently, with little help from the teacher. Pupils will look forward to the interesting exercises from lesson to lesson. The workbook has 65 pages and a durable cover. There are 30 lessons.


A teacher's manual booklet is available.


Scroll down the page I linked above to find it.


Oh, and if you were to go to Modesto, you could look at it up close... :)

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