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Nook or Kindle?

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I had my heart set on a Kindle for Christmas until I read about B&N Nook. They're the same price, but it seems that the Nook has color and a lot more free books as well as other features. The B&N website had a comparison of the 2, and the Nook looked a lot better. I'm wondering if any of you have bought the Nook and what you think. Thanks!

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I bought a nook and love it. I've never used a kindle so don't have anything to compare to. It is easy to use. The screen is not backlit so you don't get eye fatigue. It is like reading a book. The touch screen at the bottom is easy to use. There are plenty of free books to download - the classics and newer books by current authors. There is a nook forum board where you can get lots of information



It uses at&t wireless verses the kindle which uses sprint. I've never really trusted sprint.


Anyway. I love it and highly recommend it.

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I've spent a lot of time in B&N looking at the Nook this week. I haven't ever held a Kindle in my hands, but have researched it quite a bit, and I own a Sony Reader. I like the Nook a lot, but I'm not sure I'd get one right now. It runs a little slow (although they're planning to address that problem by spring, and since you wouldn't get the Nook till February if you ordered today, the slowness might not be an issue anymore), and it seems a little buggy. One of the three Nooks that was sent to my B&N wasn't working correctly when it arrived.


If I wanted a reader today, I'd go with the Kindle, because it would get to my house much faster and it's just more reliable right now. I'm looking at buying one in May though, and I very much hope that the bugs will have been worked out of the Nook, because I just liked it better than most everything I've read about the Kindle.


The only thing I like better about Kindle (and it's a big thing) is that it has a lot more unique content available. B&N has a huge library available for the Nook, but it's mostly free books that are available elsewhere. I'll be watching to see how quickly B&N adds new content to its store. B&N has lowered its prices on its ebooks and they are now generally the same price as Kindle books.


MobileRead is a great place to learn more than you ever wanted to know about e-readers. There are plenty of opinions there regarding your question.


I think the nook allows books to be loaned back and forth which you can't do with the kindle. That would be the deciding factor for me.


Right now, you can only lend a book one time, to one person, and not all books have that option- it's up to the publisher, I believe.

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Not that I'm getting either, but I've been trying to decide between the two, and I still want a Kindle. I've never actually held a Nook, though.


I still want the Kindle over the Nook for a couple of reasons. It's been out longer, so I figure there are fewer bugs in it. I'm not a fan of touch screens in general--I tend to get impatient with them because I think it hasn't felt my touch and I end up where I don't want to be--so I actually prefer the buttons in the Kindle. The lending feature wouldn't be useful to me. The battery life in the Kindle is supposed to be longer. I know 4 people with Kindles and they love them and have never had problems with them. I've always been pleased with the customer service I've received from Amazon, and that's not been the case with Barnes and Noble.

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You should check out the New York Times website. They did a very interesting article about the Nook last week.


You can only lend a book once.

The majority of the books are not allowed to be lent (up to the publisher)

The majority of their available books are books that can be found for free on the internet

The time that they had their nook it froze and crashed repeatedly

The only color is a tiny strip at the bottom of the screen

And "fixes" are already available and being sent to current owners

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