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EPGY questions and MCT and math

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I am thinking of EPGY. Does EPGY use MCT grammar island in the open enrollment? How do you like the language arts and writing components?


In regards to math, does the child do math with paper and pencil in addition to online component? I ask since I believe it is important to have some paper and pencil component for retention's sake:)


Do you find the program to be rigorous and comprehensive? Do you use EPGY as a stand alone program for math and english or as a supplement?



Do you find it easy to use EPGY materials without instructor support? Are the materials self-explanatory in other words and easy to understand?


I appreciate any info:)

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The LAW is completely computer based in the open enrollment program. It runs ahead of conventional curriculum and by 4th/5th grade is at least 2 years ahead with some high school material included. It is considered by many to be extremely rigorous. I think most would consider it to be the grammar component of writing.


Math is also computer based. There are no homework assignments like their are in the individual program but there are definately sections where the student must work out the problems with pen and paper, especially in the higher grades. I know my DD uses a math notebook to track information.


How you use the program depends on the individual student and parent. It is considered a complete program. Some parents use it as such, others use it as a supplement to their main program.


I do not currently use the LAW with my kids. My DD10 (aspie) wouldn't retain well that way and my youngers aren't at that level.


I use the math program with my DD10 as a supplemental program, although we won't start her next book (Lial's BCM) until after Christmas. I made her start back further and do more review this fall since she was coming from ALEKS, which I didn't feel she retained as well. I see her moving through Lial's relatively quickly as it appears to be primarily review. My younger DD's will be starting EPGY for the next school year as a supplement to their SM. HTH. :)

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I too have been looking into EPGY math as a supplement to MM for dd9 and ds7. Do you all use the actual indiv. enrollment that you have to pretest to be allowed into it, or is it the open enrollment? Are they the same gifted program? I read that the open enrollment required 8 students to do it, and I only have my two. Is there another way to get access to this gifted program? It seems quite expensive for the test into class if I chose to use it as a supplement. Not sure, so I wanted to ask more. Thanks

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Thanks for the info:) I got the impression that some of the regular EPGY classes use MCT and, of course, I am extremely interested in MCT;)


Doesn't Northwestern's CTD offer MCT courses? We don't live within the CTD area so I'm not 100% sure, but I remember hearing someone mention that he teaches through CTD.

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