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Marble Run...

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I, and more importantly, my dd got to play with a Quadrilla in person during our trip to Washington last week. She LOVED it, BUT the owner of the independent toy store highly recommended that I hold off buying it because it is just so wobbly. The store had glued theirs together.


He suggested that I purchase a plastic snap-together one for now, and then decide on either the HABA or Quadrilla later, when it wouldn't be so frustrating for her. I'm going to get her the Quercetti (made in Italy, and pretty darn cheap at Target, too!) for her birthday

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Quadrilla. I bought a barely used Twist set off of Craigslist for $75. The blocks inside are immaculate and it has everything. The mom said her kids used it twice, it doesn't even look like it was out of the box. :D Good for me, sad for her kids.

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I just bought a Keva planks "Contraptions" which has planks and the makings of a marble run. I am very excited to see how my kids like it!


That looks neat, and it is funny because I've been wondering if I can have the kids incorporate their Keva planks into the HABA run so I checked out the Contraptions page and I got a few good ideas :w00t:

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