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Dremel--corded or battery? Which is better


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I am getting ds a Dremel tool for Christmas. He will use it making terrain for his Warhammer 40K figures. He won't be doing projects around the house, but sitting at a table (at least right now...I don't know what it will be used for in the future).


I like the ease of cordless. Dh says get it corded because it will last forever. He feels that cordless tools are handy but since you have to replace the battery periodically, they are more expensive in the long run, and due to these features are less desirable.


What says the hive?

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I have a Dremel which I use for doing the dogs' nails.

I got corded. More power, lighter in the hand, & yeah, I agree with your dh - the bats eventually die & I think corded are cheaper in the long run.



We have a bunch of other tools which are cordless & I hate most of them. They're heavy because of the bats, and the recharging drives me crazy. I don't find them very convenient. Stupid charging cradles all over the workroom, and inevitably when I need to use a tool, the bat is dead. I MUCH prefer to plug in.

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