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Anyone else have Jello Pumpkin Spice Pudding?

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I picked up 4 packages at the grocery store yesterday. Grabbed a quart of whole milk, because pudding tastes so much better that way! :tongue_smilie:


It is good!


I think the pumpkin flavor could be stronger but overall, I like it!


I might stock up and save the packages for spring & summer when I want a hint of fall.


Does anyone else have these in their grocery stores?



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When I saw your thread title, I thought you were going to ask what to do with it because it's so nasty.


Sorry...that's what my family thought! I bought 2 boxes last year thinking we would love it. Couldn't eat the first box, made as pudding. I saved the 2nd box and finally "hid" it in a bundt cake mix that needed a package of pudding. It worked well and gave it a nice spicy flavor.


I'm glad you like it - I figured someone did, or they wouldn't keep selling it!

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I haven't seen it this year, but I have found it the last 2 years. Last year I stocked up a whole bunch of them. :) I especially like them in 4 layer desert. (crust layer, cream cheese/Cool Whip/powdered sugar layer, pudding layer, Cool Whip layer) When we have shared this, others have loved it, too.

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okay...not sure why pudding is a stress inducer......


It is not the pudding that stresses me, it's the flavour of it! :ack2:


That's okay because Vegemite stresses us! :lol:

Touche ;) Except we don't make Vegemite pudding and call it dessert. Though there was that time I found Vegemite ice-cream. That is also way beyond the bounds of acceptable!





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