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  1. Have you ever considered having your life in a reality show? It would be entertaining...
  2. Um, I've only ever in my life seen sauerkraut on a hotdog. It is neither a side dish or an ingredient. It's a condiment just like sweet pickle relish! I can't imagine eating it alone. I mean... that's like serving ketchup as a side dish.
  3. I can 't say it. I don't know if it's a holdout from being a former JW or if I really have a problem with it.
  4. You don't like soft tacos? I've never even seen a hard taco in Mexico ever. I think hard tacos are a Taco Bell creation. :tongue_smilie:
  5. It was upsetting, but I wasn't surprised. People just don't understand. Your posts on this subject are always very much right on. :001_smile:
  6. I've gotten a pm before from a poster who thinks abuse isn't a good enough reason. She wanted me to consider how wrong it was to leave my sadistic and extremely violent exh. :glare:
  7. I would do it again. I was stupid to not do it sooner. I'm lucky to still be alive.
  8. Yanno... in Mexico you could buy a mansion on the beach for that price and one for each of your kids, too.
  9. I think that conversation was great. I'd be proud of her if I were you. :)
  10. I mangled myself pretty good on a merry-go-round. Good times. Good times. eta: I also fell of the top of a 4 level monkey bar thing and landed directly on my head! You know, I think that explains some things...
  11. I had a period for like 6 weeks that stopped the day my exh left. Extreme stress can do that. Are you under a large amount of stress right now?
  12. The Irish did not wear kilts! Nor are bagpipes Irish. Grrrr (This must be emphasized what with the upcoming St. Patrick's day.)
  13. I can't cry in front of others really. I think that you do is pretty normal. :)
  14. Well, I have to commute to America once a week now and that's costing 100 dollars per week just in gas now, which I don't have.
  15. That poor cat! I have a friend who medicates her animals and nothing at all will convince her that it's not safe. Cats are not people and their bodies are tiny, tiny compared to ours. It's way too easy to overdose and dosages aren't always comparable between species anyway! ARGH
  16. My mom just took two cats on a 10 hour drive. She put a litter box on the floor for them. It didn't spill. They were upset and the boy cat insisted on sitting on her lap the whole time, but they didn't pee on anything. She didn't put them in a box because the boy is terrified of them. He peed all over her last time she attempted to get him into a carrier. I recommended putting them in a large dog cage with a litter box, but she didn't do it and it turned out ok. Oh, and she had them in harnesses and leashes.
  17. 8, I think. Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Aruba, Colombia, France, Ireland, England. I'll probably remember something later.
  18. Anything? Anywhere? I'd be flying (who wouldn't want to be able to fly?):D... alongside God... getting my biggest questions answered. :001_smile:
  19. I would consider it a vain move to spend 350 on hair if I were filthy rich. I don't sit around and care what other people do with their money though. That kind of money spent regularly could change some people's lives. Why not change a life instead of do your hair? But that's just me. I don't care what others do.
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