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Disappearing Threads

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So if I simply can't find a post, it's because I don't know how or where to look. I feel even dumber now, but at least I know.





No need to feel dumb. I don't mean any disrespect to our great hostess and the mods here, but the search feature isn't always the greatest. It can be very difficult to search out particular topics at times. Atleast I find it very frustrating. I've "lost" many great threads that I figured I'd be able to go back to at a later time using the search feature. :tongue_smilie:

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Or...it has been deleted. LOL If you posted in the thread, go back and search your posts. If the post is gone, then the thread has been *poofed*.


You mean sometimes they disappear without a trace? Not even a title?


I usually still see titles, but there's no telling how many have been poofed and I didn't notice it because I never get involved in heated threads. Never.

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It's frustrating all right. It's like missing the punchline to a good joke.


If you remember the author of the thread or even anyone who posted in the thread, you can look it up by their name. If your yourself posted, you can click on your name in the upper right hand corner and look up your own post.


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