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WWYD: Latin Curr. for 3rd and 5th grades


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I have 1st, 3rd, and 5th DDs, and it is time to add Latin. The recommendations for Latin differ for grammar and logic stage children according to WTM, and I can't decide which program would best benefit my two older children. I don't think my almost 7 year old would be able to hang in with the other two, so I am not really planning on formally teaching her Latin, unless the hive says it would be beneficial. Also, I took three years of Latin in HS, and it came very naturally to me. I don't know if that would make a difference in any recommendations you would have. I'm leaning toward The Big Book of Lively Latin. How do you think that would work for both grades? Originally I was going to buy Latina Christiana 1. I'm just not sure what to get and it's been 6 weeks. I need to make a decision soon.



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Our only experience has been w/LC. We started last year when my kids were the same grades as yours. DS did LCI, while dd PL. She went through that pretty fast and is now almost done w/LCI, while ds is almost finished w/LCII. I just bought FFL to look at b4 we move on to Henle w/ds. DD had a hard time w/the grammar aspect of LCI at the beginning of 3d grade, but by the end it had clicked. DD5 is doing song school latin and will probably move on to PL either this year or next. We spent part of the summer w/Minimus, but didn't get too far.


Not sure if I'm much help, but that's been our experience.


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I'll chime in. FFL is First Form Latin, also put out by Memoria Press. We currently use it and it's excellent! I don't think I would start it with a 3rd grader, though. If I were you, I'd start with LCI. I started my then 2nd and 4th graders in LCI, and we just continued on, about one lesson per week, making it about halfway thru LCII. Then we switched to First Form. We do Latin daily, about 20-30 minutes. It's a priority for us, right after math. It's also a priority for me that we are able to do this together, which is why I put them both in First Form.


My 4th grader is doing fine in FFL, but this is his 4th year of Latin. He did Prima Latina in 1st grade, then LCI, and half of LCII.


You might consider doing LCI this year and then starting First Form with them next year. First Form goes a lot faster than LC and there is lots more practice with it.


I hope that helps and isn't too confusing!

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