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Prayer request for my hubby

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Would anyone be willing to pray for my husband? He has had an extremely rough week at his high school. He has had several kids cuss him out and one threaten physical harm. My dh is not a confrontational person and this is killing him.


It's his 4th year in public school after 16 in small Christian schools. His kids this year are the worst he has ever had, and administration has put tons of extra work on them. They just found out this week that they now have to list beside every test and quiz question the standards number and Bloom's Taxonomy number. Every week it's one more thing to have to do. With 160 kids a day, it's just overwhelming.


He LOVES teaching, but not like this. He feels trapped due to the economy and budget cuts everywhere.

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We'll pray. :grouphug:


My husband is also a public school teacher (has taught for 14 years) and knows exactly what your hubby is talking about.


It's a tough, tough job, made even tougher by all the admins who want you to jump through ridiculous hoops.


And I understand the feeling stuck thing, too. There just seems no way out in this current economy.

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