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We follow a schedule similar to the post above, but allow an extra 2 days for each lesson to include the activities in the activity book. I have one in LFC A and one in C.


We also use this http://www.classicalacademicpress.com/lfcflash/ site to practice vocabulary. You enter which book and chapter you are using and it runs through the vocabulary words. My DCs like it as an alternate to flash cards.

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This is our second year of LFC, and dd is doing super with it. We have followed this 30 minutes per day schedule all along and it works perfectly for her.


Mon: Watch DVD instruction, including reciting chants. Skim over first page of lesson in the Primer.

Tues: Read first two pages in the Primer. Recite chants/vocabulary 3X with CD.

Wed: Do worksheet page in Primer, plus one page in Activity book. Recite chants/vocabulary 3X with CD.

Thurs: One-two pages in Activity book (depending on how many there are) Recite chants/vocabulary 3X with CD.

Fri: Recite chants/vocabulary 3X with CD. Take Lesson Quiz


Have fun! LFC is great for kids and parents.




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We use it five days a week, about 20-30 minutes a day.


Our schedule is:




Mon: Read Vocab list & chapter lesson, then watch DVD


Tues: Chant and lesson page


Wed: Chant and lesson page


Thurs: Chant and lesson page


Fri: Quiz



My oldest is on LfC C. I assume you're starting with A, which I don't think has as many lesson days, but my memory could be off. Even if you don't have a lesson each day, definitely review the chants each day!


Have fun! It is a lot of work and not always fun, fun, fun, but my son really loves Latin now and actually begs to do more Latin translations. What a weirdo! :lol:

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We are using LfC Primer A with my almost 11 year old and doing pretty much the same as the other posters. I have no Latin background so I'm learning along with my kids and really enjoy it.


Monday LfC Dvd, read lesson

Tuesday - practice chant for the week, activity page

Wednesday - " "

Thursday - practice chant for the week (sometimes listen to all the chapters we have done up to this point for refresher) Complete Lesson

Friday - Chant and quiz.


Just this week I found the Latin Flashdash on CAP's website and my son did the computer vocabulary game for review. It is very well done!

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We use LfC 4 days a week. We are on primer B, the weeks are a tad longer.


Mon: DVD vocab/read through grammar page

Tues: cd chant/worksheet page

Wed: off Latin (this is our day to focus on art/science/logic)

Thurs: cd chant/worksheet 1-2 pages

Fri: chant/finish any worksheets/quiz


We used the free worksheets from CAP last year and I have printed them this year, we just haven't gotten to them yet. We have the activity guide and he picks a page a week to do.

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