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Anyone read this blog?

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I read the post you were talking about and honestly? I see her point.



There ARE many homeschoolers who use the "aren't you glad that we aren't like them" mentality.



Some families homeschool for negative reasons ("I don't want my kids to X" (fall thru the cracks, pick up bad habits,etc.)


Some families homeschool for positive reasons ("I want to be able to do x,y and z with my children".) Some people may see these two groupings as the same thing.



I would imagine that hearing homeschooled kids talk about public schooled kids like that would get irritating, especially when it happens over and over and over again.

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And I frankly agree with her about the post with her two boys. So many hsers think they have the lock on sibling kindness, which kills me since I have often seen hs'd sibs go at it pretty good with each other at various hsing gatherings. I hear, 'Oh, they usually get along so well". Yeah, I am sure they do, but please don't then turn around and gossip about the schooled neighbor kids you saw pushing each other at the bus stop.

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Actually, she kinda made me think a bit. We don't bad-mouth public school kids and yet I could see my children picking up an attitude like that. My hubby is a public school teacher and most of his stories are hilarious but they are primarily about naughty children. I'm going to wait for an opportune moment and chit-chat with my children about this. Don't want them thinking that all ps kids are like the ones in their Dad's stories. My hubby's stories are never mean but naughty kids do make the funniest stories especially since they are first graders. LOL.


My children do have several ps friends so hopefully that has balanced out the stories they hear from their Dad.

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